The Champagne Backpacker: Michael's Round the World Trip 2005-2007-- The Adventure of a Lifetime travel blog

Back In Los Angeles

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2007. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA. I have safely returned to Los Angeles, California. After being in South America for the past six months, it was a bit of a shock passing through Atlanta's airport--the immenseness, modernity, conveniences, people (on cell phones, notebook PCs, Blackberries, and (relatively) high prices. In LA, I can now have consistent hot showers without fear of being electrocuted by exposed wires. I do need to remember to put the toilet paper IN the toilet.

I don't have any firm plans as to what I will do next, but during my travels I had a lot of time to think about it. Check back in month or two to find out what my next adventure will be.

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