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Sydney Harbor Bridge

A night at the opera

Downtown Sydney at night

Miami? or Sydney?

St. Mary's Cathedral at night

The early portion of today was spent finalizing arrangements for our onward travel. With most details settled, we headed to the Sydney Botanical Gardens just before dusk. The gardens are directly adjacent to the Sydney Opera House amd Harbor Bridge so we took sunset photos for about an hour prior to our walk through the gardens. The most fascinating thing about the gardens (which are set up in a fashion similar to Central Park) was the bats. Matt and I were absolutely amazed at the size of these bats, presumably fruit bats, which were roughly the size of a vulture. And there were hundreds of them, flying haphazardly all around; there must have been a bat house nearby in the park but we never saw it. After leaving the gardens, we wandered around the city awhile until we happened upon an evening exhibition at the New South Wales Art Gallery. We spent about an hour and a half wandering through the gallery before heading to The Obby for some live music. Tonight the performer was a decent, rather non-descript, "Sheryl Crowe style" singer. Matt and I tried our best to get into it but we finally gave up and made it an early night.

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