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and for my next trick.....

Monica relaxes....

blue blue sea blue blue sky. What a glorious day !

Found a lovely hostel called Hosteria Torremolinos. Booked three nights for relaxation as we have been having a busy time. Had a stroll around the sleepy town and along the sea front. Weather was amazing with totally blue sky and deep blue sea. Sat and soaked in the sun for a bit, had lunch in a beach restaurant and took it easy. Bumped into a couple we had met earlier, Andy and Libby. They are also from the Watford area and drink in the Compasses (our local pub back in Abbots Langley !). We had a few drinks, then a meal with drinks and then a few more drinks...

Today we are taking it easy, have been laying on the beach about to get some food.

The trip to see the whales started off slowly, lots of stops which was quite annoying at 7.30am ! Reached the peninsula valdes at Los Piramides and went on the boat out to search for the southern right whales. Saw a mother and her child, they were amazing and came up to the boat and under the boat. Even saw the tail flip up into the air. We also saw sea lions. Other animals see on the tour were Elephant seals, Magdellenic peguins and armadillos. It was a long day but well worth it.

The next day was a day of waiting for our 9pm bus journey to Bariloche. We checked out as late as possible, had lunch at a great pizza place (La Caseta - opposite Lizard cafe), and used the internet for hours !

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