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Horses at Batsford

Line of Oaks Leading to Batsford Village

Batsford Estate

Batsford Village Church

Do you Know the Way to Moreton-in-Marsh? (Can't Say That Will Ever...

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Looking Across the Fields

Tuesday is Market Day in Moreton-in-Marsh, so that is the focus of today's walk. Seems fitting that I do this walk again, since the first one was in the middle of a hail storm and muddy conditions. Today, on the other hand, is warm and dry (again!).

Instead of taking the same route as my first walk, I took the path that leads behind Batsford Arboretum and village. I really want to go into the Arboretum and the adjoining Falconry Centre, but I have loaned my last £40 to Patricia and don't have any cash until I get to Moreton and the hole-in-the-wall (ATM). If I catch another nice day before I leave, I will return. Else it will still be on the "list" for my next visit.

The footpath to Batsford Village goes past Pasture Farm on the Donnington Path. This path is sponsored by Donnington Brewery, a local brewery (in Stow) started in 1865. It is currently run by a descendent of the founder and is still partly powered by a watermill. Another thing for the list -- visit the brewery the next time I'm in Stow.

As I was going through a kissing gate at the end of Pasture Farm, I saw a large group of walkers about 1/4 of a mile behind me -- must be a Ramblers walk today. The lane behind Pasture Farm led me to the back of the Batsford Estate and the lovely line of oak trees leading to the small village. The Arboretum is 56 acres and was started in the 1800s. It is one of the largest private collection of trees and shrubs in the country and is designed in an Oriental theme (supposedly, since I've never seen it).

The lane that I took from Batsford took me slightly away from Moreton through the hamlet of Dorn. A hamlet is defined as "a village without a church of its own, belonging to the parish of another village or town." The hamlet of Dorn probably belongs to the parish of Moreton since it is only about a mile away.

The Moreton market was busy as usual. I spent some time looking for ingredients to use in some of the recipes that I wanted to prepare for Patricia and Terry. That is one of the most difficult things to adjust to in England. There are some things that I just can't find -- almond butter and ground mustard being two of the things I have looked for in EVERY store. I had looked for orzo for a long time, until I found that it is called risoni here and I found it in an Italian deli right in Blockley! Bulgur wheat was located in the Cotswold Cheese Shop in Moreton, as was wild rice.

Looking at the bus schedule, I had the choice of either taking a bus NOW or in an hour and a half. So back to Blockley I went and prepared a meal for Patricia for her return from the city.

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