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Ducks in the Brook

Everything's in Bloom!

It was a rush getting ready to leave, but by 11:30 we were all packed up in the VW Golf and on our way back to Bordeaux. The car had done well, carrying sod, bricks, soil and us! A good vacuum and the rental agency doesn't know any better. :)

We have vowed to come back and do another weekend des femmes, probably the first weekend in September. Even with the lack of sleep, it was a lovely place to stay, and I would love to have some more time to explore the area. I even drove here, as I felt much more comfortable with driving on the right side of the road like home.

The flight back was uneventful -- we had pain au raisin and pain au chocolat for the trip (do you see a theme here?). I have to come up with a plan for when I return to Vertheuil. Being so close to the boulangerie is VERY dangerous!

Back in Blockley everything that wasn't in bloom on Friday appears to be out now. Look at the picture here and then compare it to the picture from almost the same angle on March 17. For a month and a half it is amazing progress. Patricia is frantic that nothing will be left by the time of the Open Garden event in June. The news is saying that April was the warmest on record, and the third driest since the 1940s. Looks like my timing for a vacation was perfect. Not only that, but two hours after we left Vertheuil, it rained there!

The weather is supposed to be getting more on the "normal" side soon, though. Which will suit me fine -- I can't seem to keep myself from running around in the fine weather. I need a few cloudy and cool days to just relax, especially considering that I am in the last two weeks of my holiday.

Patricia and I went to the Crown Inn for dinner. The Crown is a 14th century coaching inn halfway along the High Street, and it serves a nice, reasonably priced meal. It will be MUCH nicer in July when there is no smoking, although one side of the pub is already non-smoking (but you can still smell it most times).

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