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If you are ever going to visit Beijing and I do recommend it, don't do it on the 1st May. This just happens to be the biggest holiday of the year for the Chinese and it seems to be the hottest!! We got up this morning at 4am to go watch the flag ceremony this morning in Tianamen Square expecting this big parade. Well we joined about 100,000 chinese in the Square which was lined with hundreds of Army and Police. We were all instructed to sit on the floor by the police, well at least thats what we thought they said, we just followed everybody else. When it started everybody stood up, but even behined the vertically challenged chinese we still couldn't see bloody thing. What appears to have happened though was a small team of Army marched up to a flag pole, 2 of them raised a flag and that was it, well worth getting up at bloody 4 o'clock. It did mean we could start our sight seeing early though 6ish. We had done the Temple of Heaven by 8 o'clock. By the afternoon the crowds and heat had really picked up when we were touring the Forbidden City and started to get pretty uncomfortable. At one point we thought it was the Forbidden Exit City as we couldn't find our way out. Tomorrow its the Great wall of China which we hope it will be a bit cooler and there won't be as many bloody tourists!! Don't know if I mentioned it but the Hotel is really good and the toilet situation has vastly improved. Got to go now, need a shower before going out for a show tonight.



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