CHRIS & ANDY'S TRIP '04 travel blog

On my way to the ferry for Rhodes.

At the bus station I looked at a map and asked where the port was. My package didn't include a room in this town. I was only here to catch the ferry the next day, so I had opted to find a room myself when I got here. With directions I got to the port-luckily this was a small town-and confirmed as best I could that the ferry to Rhodes would leave from here tomorrow. I then looked around a found a hotel open not far away. For 20 euros I got a nice view of the sea, a large bed, TV, icebox and bath in the room. That night I found a restaurant open and had the house specailty-cuttlefish and fennel. Very tasty. Like squid with spinach and garlic bread. The view out the tall windows to the port was great as the sun went down and the lights in the town came on.

The next morning I awoke to find my left eyelid swollen half shut. I looked in the mirror and saw half-man/half-Garfield. It must have been an allergic reaction to the pillow or bedding. It didn't feel too bad and by midday it was just about back to normal. I left for the port and saw a great sunrise over some mountains to the east. The boat left at 8:30am and made four stops at other islands before getting to Rhodes at about 9pm.

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