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We enjoy our last beer in the livingroom brfore we leave

Master bedroom in our condo

At last, a cure!

April 28

Our final day in San Antonio started, of course, with packing up. The temperature was already high and the humidity was around 80% so showers were ineffective about 30 minutes after they were finished. Reloading the bikes and rack was a particular joy. Knowing we would be leaving Penny soon didn't make it any easier.

Around noon, we left to take Penny to the airport. Her flight down here was the first time she had flown solo and she was a bit anxious so Brenda went with her into the terminal to make sure we had the right terminal and counter. Once assured, we sadly parted and got on our way. We had planned to go to Austin to overnight, but reaching there at before 2:00 pm, we decided to move on to Waco.

We knew from several years ago that Waco was famous for 3 things: Dr.Pepper, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, and Bobby Wilson, famous long drive champion. We knew this because Bobby Wilson told us so. Brenda and I had met him at Silver Tip Golf Club in Canmore, Alberta in 2001 during a Nortel corporate outing. He played a par 5 hole with us and hit it 410 yards to within 90 yards of the green, so at least he's famous to us.

We had another quiet night and had a phone call from Penny to tell us she had made it safely home without a problem.

April 29

Our route to Oklahoma City would take us thorough Dallas/Fort Worth and, because we had both been there several times, we didn't stop. Just as we crossed the Oklahoma state line, we stopped at the State Visitors Center. As with New Mexico and San Angelo, we were very impressed with the style, size and layout as well as the friendliness and knowledge level of the staff.

We continued along I-35 toward Oklahoma City and were very impressed with the beautiful scenery. However, it was disappointing in that we saw nary a hawk making lazy circles in the sky. We found a coupon for a Comfort Suites Motel in a discount booklet and located it relatively easily. Checking in was entertaining because when the desk clerk found out we were from Canada, he was impressed and went on a bit of a rant, saying," My president is so stupid he couldn't maintain a C average; I had straight A's and I'm a desk clerk!"

After a week of relative indulgence on food, we needed to go back to doing "in motel" dinners where we pick up some fruit, salad and Lean Cuisine dinners and just relax for the evening.

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