Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

...I'll let the grin say it all! =)))))))

Oh she wanted it but we were on a tight schedule!! ha...

I aint wakin up for nuthin! (And besides, looks like you've already...

A fraction of a second that I was able to strike a...

Just two of 'millyuns!

Big Pinnacle..

..Ickle Pinnacle!

Tricky pinnacle with a 'Aaaargggh' face!

Okay okay, no more!

..And if you'd like to take a look out of the windscreen,...

SPIDER!!!! ....Not really, just a photo opportunity!

First funny highlight was when Steve and I were interviewed in a bar featuring a live band for the local tv network and were basically after a tourist opinion of the atmosphere, stars at last! =) We found that hilarious and it definately cheered us up so we thought that least we could do was to get pissed! ;o)

Hangovers in tow, we went on a day trip to an area called the pinnacles the next day. (I LOVE getting up at half 6 when I'm on holiday!) =(( The route also took us past a small wildlife centre where we were able to meet Kangaroo's a Wombat and a few Koala's. (Although the Koala's naturally sleep for 22 hours a day and weren't making an exception, even for me!) =(

Carried on up the coast and reached the Pinnacle desert. Its called the pinnacles because the whole landscape is full of these statue like rocks that protrude vertically out from the ground, some of em about a metre in diameter and about 3 meters high! They were formed when all the area around them had been eroded away but they remained because they had all been capped by a substance that made erosion harder. It basically leaves behind all these vertical rocks that almost look a little man made.

Next stop was a area of white sand dunes the form up to a 60 degree angle and provides a great run for the 'Sandstorm'. A Big wheeled, 4 wheel drive bus thing with spring loaded seats - well cool! Went sandboarding too but the pics are too far away to be able to see the skill we were demonstrating, falling off is such an art you know - you've got to know how to do it gracefully! ;o))

Anyway, we brought our flights forward and also changed location so we're headed for Melbourne about a week ahead of schedule.


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