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Wagner enjoying the grilled shrimp

Gina & Stephan

Elvis says "Where's mine?"

Yesterday was an awesome day once again. I could live just fine with this kind of weather all the time. Clear skies, light breeze, sunshine, and temps in the 76 to 82 degree range.

We had 2 new neighbors move in next door, on the back side of our RV. They are from Boston and are traveling together to tour the west and southwest part of the USA. They were going to sightsee in San Antonio, mainly the Alamo and the riverwalk. They are nice people, too.

The truck didn't move all day. We spent some time at the pool after our morning coffee and getting things squared away here in the RV. We had a light lunch and relaxed with our books and a glass of wine in the afternoon.

Gina and Stephan came over and visited for awhile. I tried to help Stephan get his new printer going but we kept getting a message saying that the computer was not communicating with the printer. We finally connected my printer up to his computer and everything worked just fine. Stephan decided to return his printer and exchange it for one similar to mine.

Gina's sister and brother-in-law dropped by for a short time. It was nice to see Perry and Dorie again. They are nice folks also. When they left, Stephan and Gina invited us for dinner. They were having grilled shrimp and pasta, so we fixed a salad and an appetizer and joined them at their picnic table for a delicious meal, followed by my favorite, mint, chocolate chip ice cream.

We returned to our own RV just in time for the beginning of "Survivor". After that, I answered some e-mails and just puttered around.

I went to bed a little after 9:00 PM, to read, and fell asleep with a wonderful breeze coming in the window beside my pillow.

Marilyn and I have talked about how short our time remaining here is, and how we will miss the wonderful people we have met here in San Antonio. Marilyn and I are planning to leave San Antonio on Saturday morning, to travel up to Marble Falls. That would make the trip to Perrin on Sunday quite easy and maybe give us enough time to try out the par three golf course at the campground in Perrin. :)

We have to get the truck and RV ready to go today since we are joining Rick & Sherry and Brian & Debra for dinner tonight. I expect it will be a bit late when we get home tonight. :)

Well, Marilyn has coffee on and I need to post some pictures for you, so I will sign off for now. Can't wait to see what today has in store......

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