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On Wednesday, we went back to the land of Cro-Magnon man, through which we had driven to reach Lascaux, and what a day out it was. We visited a huge limestone cliff dwelling, over a kilometre long, five terraces high, up to eighty metres above the ground, with artefacts and information dating back over 50 000 years. The day was overcast, and even when the sun broke through a haze covered the land.

We left home quite late. It was Anzac Day, and the owner called early to tinker with the electrics and the internet instructions. We had woken late, suffering from a surfeit of food and drink at a dinner the night before.

However, we drove as far as a little town called Campagne quite safely, and went looking for soup. It was the coldest day so far, only 17 degrees at lunch time. The Auberge de Martine was able to provide us with a thick truffle soup, crisp toast and a large gas heater on the tiny terrace, to keep us fortified.

A large passive dog, a boxer, I think, whom Tashie promptly named Horse, greeted cars as they arrived, standing in the centre of the road junction. Cars were forced to slow down as he seemed to sniff the air before stepping aside to let them pass. A beautiful old church stood on the opposite side of the road, with a chateau visible over the stone wall. There are little or no footpaths in these tiny towns and the cars roll through with astonishingly few centimetres to spare.

The Rocque de St Christophe is indescribable, but suffice it to say, it is written up as a cradle of civilization. It served man for eons as an impregnable home in the cliff side, and has a history that includes generations of both branches of Cave men, the Iron Age and of folk from the Middle Ages, up until its complete destruction in the time of the Renaissance.

The bureau provided us with an English version of a walk through tour. Tashie found each place mark and read us the appropriate text.

One section had been restored as it would have been during the Middle Ages, another showed the scene as when Cave-men sheltered within.

We headed home for a pasta meal Tashie prepared in the fully appointed kitchen. A phone call from home concluded a truly superb day.

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