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Visit To The Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora

Our First View Of Giant Tortoises

Giant Tortoises


Photographing The Tortoises

Photographing The Tortoises

Tortoise Traffic Jam

Baby Giant Tortoise Pen

Taking A Rest

Lonesome George, The Last Of His Species

More Tortoises

Visit Wild Tortoises In The Santa Cruz Highlands

Giant Tortoise

Walking Through The Lush Vegetation Of The Highlands

Giant Tortoise And Guests Of Eden

Jeff And Giant Tortoise

Visit To A Lava Tube

Jeff And Morris At Puerto Ayora

Sunset Over Academy Bay, Puerto Ayora

Eden's Dining Room

This morning we walked from Puerto Ayora's harbor to the Charles Darwin Research Station (¨The Station¨). The Station is a scientific research center for Galapagos wildlife, with a focus on breeding Giant Tortoises. There are several species of tortoises that inhabit the Galapagos Islands. Lonesome George is the last of his species. The Station has been trying to breed Lonesome George (unsuccessfully) for some time. During our visit, we were able to walk around the various Giant Tortoise pens and photograph these amazing animals up close.

After lunch aboard Eden, we visited Santa Cruz Island's highlands, dropping by a private farm with free roaming tortoises. The tortoises can move freely between private land and public land without hinderance. Up in the highlands, the weather is cool and there is distinctly more vegetation compared to the generally hot and barren volcanic lowlands.

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