Gus the Kangaroos world tour 07!!! travel blog

plane from pakse

ferry to wat phu

me making friends at wat phu

Me at Wat phu

Monks turn up to see us

I pissed tim off here

Tim smokes from peace pipe

tour group for bolevan plateau

bomb canoe

baby elephant

me drinking coffee

I get randy

me with larn the tour guide

our motorbike at pakse

nami hiding from the camera

village with straw huts and satellite dishes

sunset in pakse

Me and tim at a waterfall

Me and time at waterfall

Me and tim ducking

Tim swimming

Tin shed on ancient temple

To start this entry, Tims diahorra progressed to explosive proportions!! It was funny to watch!!

30 sec blog entry -

* Got lost on the way to Wat Phu

* Bolevan Plateau tour - swam in waterfalls

Normal blog entry -

Anyway, we decided to tag along with Tims sister nami while she headed to the south of laos to check out her new work place working with an NGO that clears UXO (un-exploded ordinates). While she worked we checked out Pakse and the surrounds.

After having to get up at 5 am to get a flight, we arrived in Pakse where we booked into the Sabadee 2 guesthouse (I'm still not sure what happened with Sabadee 1!!) and hired a motorbike and headed out to Wat Phu. After following the directions from the guesthouse, we ended up in the middle of nowhere in with no idea of where to go. Tim eventually worked out that we were 10km away from where we were supposed to be.

After crossing the river on a ferry (2 canoes tied together!!) we got to Wat Phu. Overall impression is its similiar to Ankor Wat in Cambodia, just at a much smaller scale. This only took 2 hours to cover.

The next day we went on a tour of the Bolaven Plateau. In this we saw and swam in several waterfalls and saw a village way out. It was interesting that the villagers lived in pretty bad conditions, however managed to all have satelite TV and brand bew motorbikes!!

We just want to say that the tour guide Larn from the guesthouse was really great!!

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