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My hotel in Salinas

Salinas Yacht Club

Salinas Beach 1

Salinas Beach 2

Salinas Beach 3

Salinas Beach 4

Military Ship off Salinas Beach

Salinas Off Shore Fishing Hooks

My missing luggage came into the Guayaquil airport late Monday night and by then I was ready to get out of the big city, so Tuesday morning I caught a $3.00 bus ride to Salinas out of the bus terminal, headed west of Guayaquil, on to a penninsula that juts out to the west, on the southern coastal end of Ecuador. Seems here it costs about a dollar per hour for a bus ride wherever you want to go. After getting here, I paid $30 for two nights at a nice clean hotel right on the Malecon- with the nice, clean tourist beach right across the street. So far its been cloudy, so my tan is not progressing yet. Have plans to spend two nights in Salinas and then catch a bus headed north to some other beach cities before heading inland, up the mountains to the capital, Quito. It took me a while, but much later I finally figured out how to download my photoos onto this web site much faster- what you do is first save them to a newly created file on the actual internet cafe computer and then copy them on to the web site from there, instead of trying to copy them directly from a disk or a memory card to the web. I'll post them to these various entries and so they are likely to be retro upgraded as I get better at this.

Salinas is very clean and nice. Lots of hotels and restaurants, all lined up on the malecon. Seafood is very good as well. Had a huge seafood dinner with several beers for $13 (estoy barracho --I'm drunk--not really). My book says this place is hopping on the weekends, but right now it seems a little slow. This is supposed to be one of the more upscale beach communities and my travel book made it sound like it was on the expensive side, but I have not found that to be the case so far, but if it is, this is going to be a real cheap trip. Since I have been in the country, I can't seem to find any place that will cash a travelers check, though and I will be running out of cash soon, so I have to find a cooperative bank or start using my debit card at the ATM's scattered everywhere, something I wanted to avoid. Also, just like other Latin countries I have visited, nobody ever seems to have change for anything larger than a $10 bill, so you have to carry a lot of small bills around.

More to come later......

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