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Watch for Capybaras on the road!

Capybaras - The largest rodents in the world - up to 100...

Sadly this was to be our last scheduled day of riding in South America. It has been one of those experiences you wish would never end and you could tell that everyone in the group was having the same feelings.

On the bright side, the weather was great, there was little traffic and the scenery was interesting and ever changing throughout the day.

We left our hotel in Chuy and headed north towards the border to Brazil. The border crossing was fairly smooth. The only hassle was that the border gurds decided to randomly go through our baggage which was loaded in the support trailer. This took quite a bit of time and energy carrying bags in and out of the customs office but the process was all fairly civil.

In Brazil the official language is portuguese which seems to has some similarities to spanish but all the rudimentary spanish we had learned during the trip was pretty much useless once we crossed the border into Brazil.

Along the road to Porto Alegre, Brazil we traveled through a large wildlife refuge and home to the largest rodents in the world - Capybaras. The animals look like a cross between a guinea pig and a hippopotamus. They are the size of hogs and can weigh more than 100 lbs.

We rolled into Porto Alegre by mid afternoon and checked into another fantastic hotel. We then parked the bikes one last time. It was actually hard to walk away from the bike; sort of like saying so long to a good friend. It had performed flawlessly.

In fact all of the motorcycles Ayres Adventures supplied were in absolutely top condition and kept that way throughout the tour. Every morning we simply got on and rode. The guides had already checked them over, cleaned them, adjusted and lubed the chains and completed any needed repairs.

We gathered for our final dinner together at a fine local restuarant and said our good byes. In the morning everyone would be leaving at various times to catch their flights.

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