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view of bay on the way to the site of Oxtankah

Oxtankah sign to site

Oxtankah sign. sorry about the poor quality in the shade

sign for plaza of bees

palace of bees. They raised bees for honey

looking at the next temple on the plaza to the right

nexr one the the right of last one. steps only

a little more to the right completes plaza buildings

palace sign

close up to steps

couple of people on top of steps making repairs to fresco

she was injecting water into the stone to moisten the rock for...

more stairways to nowhere

multi level residence sign

more of sign

sign underground tomb of buried priest.

underground tomb of priest. Found with offerings buried in the center plaza...

another angle of the buried tomb. It has a steel door on...

path leading to the next plaza complex

no clue what this building was for, lots of steps

once was two building, then joined together in a reconstruction.

looking down from top of temple with the step separation

looking across the plaza from the top of the building

edge of temple corner

palace in this plaza

room in this palace has well defined walls. Under protective roof

more of wall system

edge of wall system. really hard to get view

floor area that would have been the kitchen area of the residence...

across the way a reconstructed part of temple columns

looking at the temple I climbed with the step system built in...

lots of trees growing in all the stones of the site

I really started to pay close attention to how the tree roots...

there was a small chapel built on the site by the franciscan...

close up of arch to chapel. This one is like Dzibilchaltun, as...

another view of arch

stopped on the way out of site to view the sea. Water...

this is called a lagoon as the land mass on the other...

more of lagoon area. close up shot

swinging to the right is the end of the island

found a place I could walk into from the road and got...

moving down to the small village, there were businesses along the shore...

more of the bay to the left of last shot

this whole line of huge sand bags trying to hold the shore...

Oxtankah an ancient site near Chetumal and a village by the sea.

I took several hours off picture loading to drive up to this site of Oxtankah and see the place before the Internet opened. I still have three hundred more pictures to go before I feel I can leave Chetumal and head back to Bacular tomorrow eve and then on to Tulum the next day. It won't be until I get to Valladolid before my next chance. I am fine, and making it ok in the big city of Chetumal.

The drive up the edge of the bay was nice even though the landscape seemed dry and the trees sparse. On the way through the northern part of the city of Chetumal I found of all things, an Office Depot. What a surprise. This side of the city had many department stores, parks, industrial buildings and government buildings. I found the road to Oxtankah without much trouble and was there within the hour. The site was located under many wonderful trees that shaded the whole place. It hadbeen worked on recently and there were a number of sections that had plazas with buildings flanking all four sides. There was a building being worked on by a team of archaeological workers. They were restoring some glyphs under a protective roof. The woman was injecting moisture into the stucco to make it wet. I didn't see what else she did as it was taking so long I didn't want to stand over her shoulder. I walked from plaza to plaza under the tall skinny trees whose leaves were making wonderful dappled patterns on the ground. The last part I came to I found a Spanish Chapel built there like the site of Dzibilchactun near Merida. It sure saddened me to think the Spanish destroyed much of the ancient sites to build chapels in order to convert the people into the Catholic Church. What historical losses of the ancient sites that has caused throughout Mexico is a real shame.

I stopped in the village on the bay and took some pictures then headed back to Chetumal to continue my marathon picture upload. More later, Gay

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