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small market in Xpujil I got some snack in to go to...

map for Kohunlich site

caretaker huts on way into site at Kohunlich

huge date palms all over this site

sign for apartment palace

side apartments on one side of plaza

looking from apts to the stairs that go up to the second...

stone bench in the apts that have reclining back rest. places to...

view of rooms in apt palace

view of inner area around apt plaza

sign for acroplis on top of steps

plaza on top of acroplis with temple on right

they left the tree to hold the stones, next to the hole...

part of vaulted roof ceiling partly exposed

looking over the edge to the palm trees growing below the tall...

tree stuck on stones, or stones stuck on tree

passage way leading to stairs down to the main plaza area

view of acroplis from plaza

back of acroplis wall has couple of doors in it

sign for area below acroplis

palace of the stella, on far side of lower plaza

from the plaza looking up at the acroplis plaza on top of...

you have to look hard, but there is a bird on the...

temple of stellas. Gray and white thing at bottom of steps is...

close up view of stella at bottom of steps

next pics are the ball court

this ball court has low walls and grass growing on the wall...

left side of ball court. I´m sure the trees weren´t here when...

behind the ball court looking in the opposite direction

looking from the ball court the other way to another plaza temple

close up of columned plaza

27 steps to the residence complex

rest of sign for the 27 steps complex

up the trail is this residence section called the 27 steps

there are really on 22 steps, but some at the bottom here...

at the top of the steps is another platform with apartment rooms...

looking from the top step down to the ground level

inside the plaza complex at the top of the platform

rooms with a grand view from the top of the mountain of...

view from a little to the left side of last one

more of the apartment complex

steps up into the apartment plaza

nside one of the rooms, shows shelf built in to wall and...

more of the apartment complex

plaza in the middle of the apartments on all sides

archway leads to another plaza

through the arch to another plaza with apartments around it

steps, shows some building changes made along the years

this arch looks out to a view. At one time it was...

looking down inbetween steps and building angles of rebuilding

more steps up to apartments from little plaza. There were lots of...

main staircase from the 27 steps across the platform, then up to...

another angle looking down the 27 steps. they have grass on them

back at ground level walking the path through to palm trees to...

path through the palm trees

sign for temple of masks

second part of sign for temple of masks

first level mask, two more above this one. Sun god

sorry this is dark, two more masks one on a level above...

mask on second level

first level mask

temple steps are all that show, the rest of the masks are...

after I climbed up the stairs part way I could see the...

shot of middle mask. Has jaguar head below his own

this one is the top mask

on left side of stairs in the other set of masks this...

closer view

second level on left side

another shot shows two levels of masks

view of mask temple with the protective roof over masks

down at the bottom of temple hill is this round rock platform

coming out of kuhunlich site at the main highway, house with pointsetta...

On to Kohunlich: Dec 11

I made a quick stop at the Xpujil supermarket to get some lunch items and then past the checkpoint with the guards on duty. I had seen them each time I came into Xpujil to use the Internet. They were always walking around on the corner with the one signal light. I couldn't find the gas station. I asked several people for the gasolina and after several gestures with arms, 'That way'. I continued over the hill and sure enough there it was. After that I followed the map Diane had made for me to find a couple of little sites, Coabas, and another place past Chicanna 22 K off the road. I sure was disappointed when there was no gate or markers. Once more, lost to the casual observer. This section of the main highway was under major road construction that lasted for miles and miles.

When I arrived at the Kohunlich turn off I had to make a choice between that site and the other two almost across the road from it, Dzibanche and Kinichna. I chose Kohunlich as I wanted to see the sun masks located at that site. There wasn't enough time to do both in one day.

Kohunlich was almost as varied as Becan in the different layouts and styles of buildings. This one was located clustered in a thick date palm forest. I found it almost as magical as Becan. The palms were delightful to walk underneath. I spent a really long time visiting. I found the residence area on top of the 27 steps hill really interesting and wondered how many animal skins; mats and padding it took to make a stone bench comfortable enough to sleep on.

The last part of my visit I walked beneath a tree covered path to the Temple of the Sun Masks. Wow!! They were beautiful. It was hard to get pictures with the protective roof covering the side of the temple, but I managed to get enough to get the drift. I didn't want to leave but I needed to drive to Chetumal to find a hotel before dark.

I had been told the streets in the town of Chetumal were torn up with pipeline construction. Rick gave me a map of the town and how to get in and miss the area that had the construction. That was the reason I didn't book a hotel in advance. When I arrived in town I tried several places that were full. Finally on a street one block off the main street I found a semi acceptable cheap hotel. The room was clean, but the shower had almost next to nothing in water pressure. I stayed only because I could park my car inside a locked gate parking lot and I found a super speed Internet next door. The personal at the hotel didn't speak English, but the man that ran the Internet spoke passable enough English to carry on a conversation with. Down on corner of the same block was a wonderful restaurant called Sergios. I ate there every day. Breakfast and dinner both were well prepared, the service was very good and the restaurant had a lovely décor. So, all in all I made a good choice. More later, Gay

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