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Becan the walled city near Xpujil.

sign for becan

sign for Becan

sign for passageway into city

this passageway had a corbaled roof over it, leading into the city,...

looking back at the part of the passageway without the corbeled ceiling...

after completely passing through to the inner plaza of the city. looking...

sign for temple v11

first temple on left from entrance. On top is the open temple...

sign for temle 8

temple 8

temple 9 sign

tallest temple in Becan, I didn´t climb this one. Guy at top...

view of temple 9 from the left side

sign for temple 10

the way the temple should have looked

temple 10 with the monster mask doorway

only part of sides of doorway and roofcomb are left

next to temple 10 the tree of a thousand roots.

view from top of temple 10 looking room complex below next to...

shifting view a little to the right from top of temple 10

looking down the side of temple at a small courtyard

more of court yard on the back of temple 10

just the wind and me on top of temple 10

step area below temple 10

whats left of the design on top of temple 10 left side...

design on right side of doorway

view of both sides of doorway to temple 10

on left side of temple is an apartment complex, looking from top...

more of temple 10 apartment houses

apartments on left side of temple 10

more of temple designs

looking through open bricks on top of temple 10 at the tallest...

more of temple 10 designs. Just couldn´t get enough

passageways on back of temple 10

looking down a set of steps on the back of temple 10....

down at the bottom of the temple in the courtyard apartment area,...

looking back through the door at the top of the temple 10

me in doorway. Egad, what a pair of legs. Don´t think they...

down in the courtyard at the back of temple 10

found another stair case on the back of temple 10 courtyard

passage way goes from back of temple ten courtyard to the apartments...

looking back from the other side of passageway

looking up at the back side of temple ten from the courtyard

room with bench and niche in wall just off the courtyard area

inside the room above bench was another niche, brown thing is roof...

courtyard with more stairs and another matching room in same building

ball court sign

frescos inside glass protective room on side near temple 10

moving a little to the left

upper part of fresco

trying to keep the glare off the glass

some designs found on the edge of a corner of building

back of the first structure temple 8 I think

sign for temple

pic of temple

design at the top of temple

design of other side of door

doorway to temple 8. had face at one time, bench with niches...

small womans temple on back of temple 8

stairs up to the top

temple at the top of 8

up one more set of stairs

top of temple

sign for altar

round temple platform

this is the open plaza at the top of temple I would...

Becan, the walled city next to Rio Bec Dreams: Dec 10

This place was a delight from the first walk through the walled passageway to the last of the temples. Oliver and Jasmine went with me. We delighted in each of the buildings. Becan also has an Earth Monster temple. This one we could climb and get a close look at the face carvings on the doorway. Down the backside of the temple were many rooms and an interior courtyard. The ball court was located beyond that. When we climbed down and walked around the side we found a windowed area with frescos framed behind it. It was one of the sun masks similar to ones I was to find at Kohunlich the next day. The workmanship was wonderful. We walked around to the other side of the plaza area where more of the temples were located and found a way to climb up some steps to the very top room. The room was roofed at one time, but today the openness to it just begged for me to throw out my jaguar skin rug and sit and talk to the gods awhile. The middle had a big room with a room on each side with benches carved with tooth designs on their bases. This city was magical and worth every minute I spent there. On the way out of the site we could see the village located close to the site proved that this city is still being occupied to this day. The property that Rick and Diane own backs up to the site and they have found mounds of buildings located there. It will take time to find out what they are.

My stay with Diane and Rick was delightful, but I felt the need to go on to Chetumal the next day by way of the site of Kohunlich. It was another 60 K down the road and the city of Chetumal was not far from there. It only made sense to continue and not drive back again to Rio Bec Dreams. I bid everyone a fond farewell the next morning and started on the 60 K drive toward the sea and my next stop. More later, Gay

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