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sign for Calakmul

map of calakmul, it was big and I got lost more than...

more of these crazy trees with the trunk made up of many...

first plaza we found a stella at the base of the stairs...

to the left is another stella on top of the platform from...

sign for structure 8 temple

there it was sticking the top out of the trees, so overwhelming...

up the short flight of steps to the plaza platform then the...

this is so big I couldn't get it all in one shot....

more steps and stellas to structure 5

sign for stricture 5

area to the far right on the platform of structure 5

another view of the right hand side of structure 5

more of right side of structure 5

corner of temple

close up of stella temple 5

sign for stella and hieroglyphic stairs dates from 622 ad

stella and hierglyphs behind it

sign for structure 2

more stella

structure beyond stellas

temple 2 beyond the stellas second picture without the trees in the...

structure 2

structure 2

sign for the stella

stella with orginial red color left on it

another shot of the stella with the red paint

structure 2 with a repair, shows real light color compared to aged...

second stella next to the red one

another repair on the temple

sign for stella

looking down the steps on structure 2 to the red stella below

on top of structure 2 looking aross the trees to temple 8

guacamole bowls and water drain hole

corbaled room and roof line to no where

part of temple 2

looking down the temple to the stellas below

stella in a room

stairs on the far left side of temple

get this far up on the steps and they ended. Found the...

sign with information about the stella 12 erected in 90 years at...

sign for structure 3

small temple (structure 3) with rooms at top

another stella

another temple, this is where I started to get lost

another shot of same temple

stella in front of temple

another shot of the stella and the temple

ran into this new path that is built like the ancient sacbe...

a little further down the path and we came to the construction...

the path continued with no path at all. This was very confusing...

stella on the way to somewhere

howler monkey in tree, zoom shot

two or three dark spots on tree trunk are baby monkeys

zoom shot of money on branch, you can make out half of...

another one of these trees that send down a million root feelers...

incredible trees sending down roots that will eventually turn into one trunk

small rooms at the edge of a temple

room complex with tooth supported bench, the guy is the Austrian, Oliver...

more of the room complex

more of room complex

sign for the ball court

one more time, I'm lost. Have to go through the book to...

Calakmul the towering Giant City in the Rainforest: Dec 9

In the morning I was going to go to Calakmul. I found the Austrian couple Oliver and Jasmine had arrived at Rio Bec Dreams the night before. I offered to take them, as there were no busses that went there. We started early, being the drive there was 60 K to the turn off. We shared the fee to get in, 10.00, which was a road toll fee from the highway to the site about 40 K and then another 20 K beyond that over rough potholes. The site was set deep in the rain forest and when we arrived we were not disappointed. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of the temples and buildings, that I became lost several times. After a while the temples began to look the same just by their shear size. There were so many huge, huge buildings, more than any other site so far. A lot of work has been done to restore the site to where it is today. We wandered from plaza to plaza thankful for the signs that were posted by each temple. There were Stelae stones in front of a lot of the buildings, but only a few of them had glyphs that were readable. We reached a grove of trees at the top of a small hill. There were several howler monkeys in the trees. They didn't make any noise, but we could see them jump from branch to branch. The pictures are going to have to do the rest of the talking, as they are more impressive that I can be or do writing. There were workmen going into the temple with the faces, working down inside a doorway. They wouldn't let us in to look. They kept carrying buckets of water (?) into the doorway and coming out for more. We also found a group of workmen building a path or small sacbe road between two plazas. That was the most fascinating thing to watch. The most effective way it has been done for thousands of years. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

More later, Gay

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