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Balamku site is across the highway from Chetumal

first building has some columns on it

pretty well done for as high as it is

this temple looks like it had twin temples on top

same temple different angle

double stacked chac mask faces on this temple room area

section of rooms

facing temple across the plaza

close up of temple, has doorway out the other side

view into inner rooms

corner of temple with stairs inside door way are the rooms in...

this site had many references to frogs and crocodiles, both fertility symbols

glyphs for frogs and serpents

corner serpent carving of face

mostly reconstructed temple housed the stucco carvings behind a wall enclosure

same temple, this is the new wall house for the stucco carvings,...

staircase on temple to the right

small foundation area

after driving 15 k down a horrible road (again) this is a...

ate my lunch up some stairs on top of this rocky platform...

stairs up to the platform I ate my lunch on

closer view of temple on right. has been reconstructed, but only on...

closer view of steps to the temple

reconstructed temple with columns facing the one I had lunch on

looking back at the big temple, you can tell when it is...

small temple next to the big one on right

rounded corner on wall

section of wall that has fitted blocks, some with corners trimed to...

looking from the top of the curved wall at the columned temple...

looking from the top of the curved wall around the corner to...

the black and red spot is really a butterfly not a flower....

black butterflys with red and yellow stripes on wings. They were everywhere

they move so fast he is just a blur at the top...

had to be quick they moved so around in an instant

I parked the car on the other side of the bridge as...

white butterflys with black dots on wings

the white ones took longer on each flower, so I could get...

the drive out, and this was the good part, 15 k of...

site sign for Chicanna

sign for Chicanna site

this is Chicanna site. Similiar to Homeregero. Chac face little different

close up of left side of face

right side of face, Chicanna

jaw teeth on the lower step extends out on the porch platform....

more of upper half of face

temple to the right of the chac face building

temple directly across the plaza

close up of lower jar porch 2 sets of 3 teeth

shows what chac face building should look like

Chicanna chac face building sign

rest of sign for Chac face building

more of chac face door way. this is the way to the...

sign for Chicanna building

view of building used for living as the sign stated

designs in recessed areas in building

another set of designs further down on the building

rounded corners on each side of building and step fret edges

sign for Chicanna plaza

chac face side view

small imcomplete temple

sign for tallest temple in Chicanna

second half of sign

note teeth at the very bottom of broken rock area. That is...

doorway with steps up to back area. Same thing as Dzibilnocac had...

the stairs lead up to the second face section and patform that...

a fuller view of the double structure

staricases to inner rooms in towers

from doorway on left stairs go up both sides of temple to...

on upper platform the corners of the upper chac face door temple...

moving view to the left from the stacked chac faces is part...

more of main face. only had narrow ledge to stand on, getting...

chac faces on left hand side. noses go down. This means cascading...

you can't get more up close and personal than this, and be...

detail of right side of middle face

looking across the passage way space to the stairs to the other...

looking down the stairs to the main door

same stairs, just loved these things

this stucco takes on a human form shape, probably my imagination

temple from the back with doors and passage ways, rooms at bottom

another shot shows room placement better

front of building again, stairs go up from door and come out...

detail on left of door

designs under the bench in this room

side of temple top door has inner room and door to chamber...

more designs around side of temple rooms

back of temple

each door to side rooms have designs on them

more side designs on sides of door entrances

some of these have been repaired

a recessed area for what ever, with glyph on side of it....

repairs done on this set of designs. Has step fret below it

this building is pretty crumbly and missing some of designs

wider view of building with designs on each side of door stacked...

structure number 11

structure 11 with the twelve rooms

different design in block work

more of first temple. was waiting for the sun to come out...

main temple, still waiting for the sun

wall area on temple next on the plaza

sign for roof comb temple structure 6

side of temple with roof comb above it, doors and inner rooms

front view of temple with the roof comb and door way into...

sign for more Chicanna buildings

orginial red paint showing on side of building

this one has roof comb also

still waiting for the sun. main temple again. love this door

door way again. notice repair on left side

remains of glyph painted in red on edge of door way stucco

main doorway. Sun never happened. Red spot on right is the glyph...

door on other side of main door. has niche on top of...

trees taking over the site with roots embedded into structures

stray gualamole bowl

decorate the trails around the roots

water catching cistern in front of Chicanna site

part of cistern area that has collapsed to show underground hole

copy of illustration from brochure of the frescos inside the temple.

Balamku, Nadzcann and Chicanna:

Balamku was the first site I started with today however it is located about 60 k from the Xpujil area near Calakmul. There are lots of sites on the map but some are too little and lost down in the jungle or have no roads to them, or whatever, and I had to forget them. Diane gave me the goods on what to see so I started with Balamku. I started early and in an hour made it to the site. It had many trees in the plaza that I am sure are newly grown since the ancients were here. The most the site had to offer were the frescos now contained inside a wall of the reconstructed temple. Of course I couldn't take pictures. The frescos were of frogs and crocodiles sitting with other figures. This had to be a woman's temple as the whole thing had to do with fertility. The last picture I posted on this entry is a copy of the fresco illustration from the small brochure I bought to get information on the site. The frescos are housed inside the temple to protect them from the weather.

I went on to Nadzcaan, which was about 5 K from Balamku. I found the gravel road with a teeny sign on a small piece of wood and was suckered into another dirt road, not bad but 15 K of it and the next day my wrists were swollen up again from gripping the steering wheel so hard. It had lots of outcroppings of rocks to wiggle around. When I arrived at the site I found I had a small wooden bridge to cross. Not even in a heartbeat was I going to cross that and end up in the bottom of the ravine with no one around to get me out of the hole. So I safely parked the VW and walked the last 2 k to the site. All up hill by the way. It had four buildings surrounding a central plaza that were partly reconstructed. I climbed the stairs to one and ate my lunch up on one of the platforms. I found out later, I missed the ball court and the observatory. I didn't find any paths, so I was out of luck there. I was the only person up there except for a couple of caretakers, who disappeared with the heat of day. There was no entrance gate and no ticket to buy. With a road like that, I wonder why. I enjoyed the way the walls were constructed with inter locking stones. The site had been worked on recently but no signs told about any of the buildings. I began my descent to the bottom of the hill and ran into a zillion butterflies on the few flowers that grew along the path. They were not even aware of my presence and sat still enough for me to take some pictures.

I had enough time to go to Chicanna on the way back, as it was only 3 k from Rio Bec Dreams. I just loved the Earth Monstrer doorways. Hochob, Hormigero, the one on the magician's temple at Uxmal and now Chicanna. Just having a ball trekking around these places. Chicanna and Hormigero are located closer together near Xpujil.

Even at that, Chicanna seemed newer as the stone wasn't as dark gray color. It has some reconstruction on the buildings and I found the two story temple with the staircases inside really fascinating. The engineering was amazing that they could get the steps inside and build the walls around it. Of course, that temple along with all the rest of the buildings had been covered with an outer coating of stucco in ancient times over the stones that made up the exterior walls. In most cases they were painted red. Sometimes I could see a trace of red paint on one site or another.

More later, Gay

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