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Down the Cave

Lascaux Cave Paintings


Spring Foliage

By the Vezere R

Bergerac Sec

Founded 1240

Limestone Country

Forest Drive

Tour de France Country

It took us just short of two hours to cover the one hour trip to Lascaux. I drove so Tashie could navigate.

The next English spoken tour of the caves was in three hours' time, so we took the French one. The drawings were magnificent, but we only grasped snatches of the story. The tour was forty minutes' long and soon we were out in the 30 degree sunshine in the forest above Montignac. Later, we Googled the story, and learned about the four boys who, whilst looking for their dog, in 1940, found the opening and entered the caves, after 17 000 years. There is evidence of 400 000 years of uninterrupted human occupation.

Whilst finding our way around Montingnac, we chanced upon a cafe, "Au Berges de la Vezere," perched on the bank of the strongly flowing River Vezere, and joined the lunch crowd, overlooking the old town on the opposite bank. 30 cl of white Bergerac Sec is more than we thought it would be, so Tashie valliantly fought her way through it all, while I ate fois gras and canard (duck).

Then the fun began, Tashie still navigating and Anne chaotically taking the road that "looked the best." We saw a lot of the "Foret de La Bessede" (forest) featuring chestnuts and holm (helm?) oaks this afternoon. We arrived home by three thirty and parked in our tiny street in front of our home.

We have decided to leave Le Sejour, our home, a day early, and sleep at Bordeaux, so that we are not frantically changing trains and dropping off cars with milliseconds to spare. Bryan, the owner of Le Sejour, arrived this evening, and tried to talk us into driving to our next holiday home in Provence. Although he made it sound easy-he had just done the journey in reverse-his tales of navigating the South of France emphasised his skill and familiarity with his task. He estimated the drive was about four hundred plus km and would take a bit over five hours.

Once, he drove up from Provence with a three seater leather lounge tied to the roof of his sedan. Another time, it was a big orange cement mixer. The police stopped him that time to check if it was securely tied.

Bryan used to have a video production company in partnership with David. When they sold the business, they took a chance and bought a house in France. From that start they now own at least seven homes in three regions of France, and regularly fly between Melbourne and France each year. He is a great raconteur, and we sat late into the night listening to his tales.

We are happy with our tour of the lovely Dordogne region, though we may have seen a bit more of it than we planned today.

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