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under the pines

campground lake

campground roses

the girls

cutting nails

a well fed creature

stop and go eyes

cat as drapery

they're not all orange

After all my whining about the high prices of campgrounds in the east, I am delighted to report that we are comfortably ensconced in a municipal campground five miles from my sister's home with lots of trees and a nice lake for $10/night - senior citizen's rates! Although there are 69 sites, we are lucky to be here at all. At this price there were only three sites open when we arrived here. One neighbor is 82 years old and he and his ailing wife live six miles from here. They love to camp and this is about as far as they dare to go given their age and precarious health. On the other side of us is a man whose comings and goings make us think that he works here. Every two weeks he must leave for a day before he can come back for two more weeks, but there's always a friendly Walmart down the road. Walmart welcomes RV'ers to camp overnight in their parking lots, hoping that they'll come inside and spend a few bucks. Once someone has found this campground, they seem to be relucatant to leave. Camping here is more economical than storing an RV in some places.

Our nieces and their husband/boyfriend arrived here from their homes in Georgia, making the drive after a day of classes and work. It was great to see them again and we so appreciate them making the effort to come while we are here.

My sister and her husband are cat lovers to the max and have a brood of nine. Cats are very territorial, but luckily their home is large and the cats are segrated into the upstairs herd and the downstairs herd. Only four of them hang out where we spend most of our time, so we don't have the sensation of nine cats all over the place. One of our neices is in vet school and it is her job to trim the nails of all these creatures. Since that's 360 claws altogether, it will take her all weekend to get this job done.

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