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The Mairie, where polling takes place, is almost opposite our house, and I wandered down there early in the morning, and had a chat with the polling people.

I was able to communicate a little. The results will be available at 8 pm on all channels, and the top two candidates from this round will next fight out the battle for the top spot in a fortnight's time.

The people were charming and did not mind my taking photos. They asked about our system-do we vote by computer?

The only difference I could see was that you chose a card with the name of your preferred person marked on it, in front of the assembled throng, and went into the booth-private-to record your choice. It confused me a bit, as it seemed obvious if you picked up a card for, let's say, Sarkozy, they would all know for whom you voted.

I did not see behind the one blue curtain. As I left, I checked out the posters on the hustings-badly graffitied by the less than loyal. In France it is not compulsory to vote.

People came and went all day up and down our narrow street.

We took the car and went to a market, at Issegiac, and bought free range chicken, roasted on a rotisserie, some rolls and a tomato, an avocado, some strawberries, and headed off into a little wooded area for a picnic.

The only sound was of the occasional car, and the birds singing. The weather continued to be glorious. There was a sign up that seemed to say something about "hunters."

As we drove through the market town, young people were stripping signs supporting Le Pen from the light poles in the main street. We came home for a cuppa and a refresher, and to check our emails.

This afternoon we drove to the swimming hole at the town of Le Buisson, on the Dordogne. A family was fishing, and the mumma laughingly told us the noise was from les grenoux-the frogs.

Tash took off her shoes and waded to a lttle island in the river. The water was extremely cold, and swirling round. It was crystal clear, but there was a bit of debris floating on the top, so I wasn't tempted. I took a stroll along the bank for a little way, though the stinging bushes pulled me up short.

We returned home in good time for a shower and prepared for dinner in the square.

Tonight's winners were Nicholas Sarkozy and Sigolene Royal.

By the next evening, the defaced hoardings were gone from the street.

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