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Tonight, we had a special dinner at a little restaurant. Most of the time a moggy striped cat was the only other customer.

The food used was from the best of local products. The area is renowned for its foie gras, its duck dishes and its walnut recipes. Tashie's asparagus was a treat-white and green asparagus cooked till it was very soft. My foie gras came with sauce drizzled over it. The menu was written in serious French, so we were eating a bit blind. No idea of what the little red garnishes were. The waiter was most kind and helpful, but we did not want to appear too ignorant before her, so we ate up and loved it all.

Tashie's main meal was a type of braised veal. She loved the mixture of vegetables and soaked up the gravy with her bread. I had an omelette, full of flavoursome mushrooms-Cepes, I think they are called.

We are suffering from too many food delights, so had just two courses accompanied by a glass of champagne. We were both very happy with our choices and had to do quite a long turn about the town afterwards. The village was planned and built on behalf of King Edward I of England to defend his territory, during one of the times England owned property in France. It is perfectly preserved, and was begun in 1284. The open air market hall dates from the 16th century. Market day is still held on Thursdays. (Not Saturdays, as we thought). The church was begun in 1289, and is still in use. The town has had a long history of battles and rebellions. Currently it is a National Monument, and quoted as the best preserved Bastide, as they are called. There were, and still are, a lot of these towns, all built in the dense forests that used to cover the land, and all for the purpose of populating and protecting power bases.

Finally, we arrived home to our beautiful cottage. The wireless internet works like a charm. The house has everything we have at home, except our loved ones.

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