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This week thing have really been getting serious. I have added shelves to one closet in the trailer. The hope is that this will provide more usable storage.

Since we had new tires mounted, I proceeded to check the torque on the lug nuts. I descovered that on the right rear wheel the nuts apperared to be loose but I could not tighten them. I called Airstream an they requested me to bring the trailer over for them to inspect. At Jackson Center they showed me what the problem was. The nuts have a decorative coating on the out side which was loose. Not a problem at all but better safe than sorry.

Yesterday installed and programed the tire preasure monitoring system. Had read a number of post about problem caused by tire problems. We decided again to be safe. We had a tire problem on our trip to Colorado this Spring which really convienced us to do this.

Then the problem started. I decided to wash the trailer. In particular the roof had some black junk on it. In the process of cleaning this from an eight foot step ladder I lost my balance and fell. I landed across the hitch and proceeded to break the torsion bar on the Hensley. This is a two inch bar of steel which snapped. I seem to be ok just considerablly sore today. Probably be that way for several days.

We have started packing clothes and food in the trailer. Laying out things for the back of the truck.

We plan to leave May 11 and go to Purdue for Matt's Graduation. Sue Matt and I will then travel to Rockey Mountain National park. This will be Matt's vacation before he starts to work for John Deere.

After Mikes finals he will fly to Anchorage to meet us for a week before he start his summer job with Cat.

That the extent of our plans today. As you will see we will playing it largely by ear.

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