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Today we made our way with Jay and Jetna to Anand in Gujerat wehre we will visit with Jetna's uncle and visit some of the sites. We had a pleasant train ride, but it became quite hot in the carriage as the day wore on. Again, thank god for the fans. We passed village after village, farmland, occasional hillls, the clacking of the tracks, train whistles - all in a blur. Jay and I joked and drank masala chai most of the way.

About mid-afternoon we arrived in Anand, close to Jay's family's 'plot' as he puts it and a favourite uncle who goes by the name 'Kaka' (indian for uncle. Kaka and a friend Jackin picked us up and took us by car back to Kaka's house. It is a very calm place with a cool veranda and cosy rooms - we were immediately comfortale and soon after stowing our gear we were all sitting on the porch made of cool stone under a twirling fan talking; Jay and Jetna speaking to Kaka in Gujerati and then translating for us.

This evening the six of us went out to a local restaurent and enjoyed a very nice variety of curries. Afterwards, we walked around town a bit and I tried a local favourite called paan - it a beetel nut leaf wrapped around various herbs and lime and other unknown ingredients. It's something that men chew and constantly spit our in a very unsightly manner ( you see the red stains everywhere, but particularly marring nice white walls). If you think this spells trouble, you'd be right - I came down with a bad case of the runs the nex day; It's the first time I've been ill in India - about time too!

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