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We have become very contented living fulltime in our motorhome over the past 2 1/2 years. This cruise expedition is a radical departure from our life in our little abode on wheels. We became re-acquainted with life at hotels again; a new matress to break in, flat pillows, noisy air-conditioners, and that pesky glimmer of street light peeking through the drapes no matter how much we tried to overlap the curtains. But we survived the night. Joe was up pretty early as usual and got some coffee for us as our in-room coffee maker didn't have a glass pot; we discovered this after the housekeeping staff had gone home for the day. We thought about Foxy and hoped she survived her first solo night too.

Galveston Bay is totally fogged in with a Halloween'ish look, except it's 79 degrees and swelteringly humid. We've always known we like the dry climate much better, and time spent in southern Texas and Florida always confirms that for us. The hotel offered a breakfast so we had a light meal, fully aware that we'll most likely overeat for the next week.

We checked out of the hotel about 11 o'clock and walked to a local restaurant for lunch. We had time to spare so we walked around, although there wasn't much to see with the dense fog. When we returned to the hotel, we found out the ship was late coming in and there was no rush to get to the cruise terminal. We got a taxi and arrived around 1:45 p.m. to find chaos around the pier. Passengers were lining up to get into the terminal, while other passengers were trying to make their way out. We contented ourselves at the end of a very long line.

The first portion of the queue moved relatively quickly and we made our way through Security; it was nice to visit with the other passengers and the temperatures were nice. Once through Security and inside the cruise terminal building, things went from bad to worse. We had completed all our embarkation procedures on-line and, supposedly, this would place us in a queue much shorter than general registration; wrong.....it was all one long interminable queue. The terminal building resembled a scene from a disaster area with people sprawled out on the floors. Our line came to a complete halt because there was no place to send the passengers until they could start boarding the ship. The hours dragged on; I relented and hit the floor with the rest of the weary, and Joe walked around to ward off the boredom.

Finally, 4 hours later, we made it on board only to find we had been assigned late-seating rather than early seating as we had requested. A quick trip to the Matre D' got that straightened out. Our revised departure was estimated for 8 p.m.

The first night's dining was casual with open seating in the dining room. The food was excellent and we met a lovely couple from Houston. After dinner, the Cruise Director announced the fog was too dense to safely navigate the ship through the channel and the authorities had closed the port. Also, if we couldn't sail prior to midnight, we would not be able to make the port stop in Montego Bay. Everyone was disappointed; but, hey what can you do when Mother Nature doesn't co-operate!!

We were pretty tired after our long ordeal to get onboard so we went to the Internet Café and signed up for Wi-Fi. Then a quick tour of the ship to orient ourselves on what was on each deck and we called it an early night.

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