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April 20-24, 2007

Cancun isn't you typical Mexico place, it is pretty much a party place for tourist and is known to be a mini Miami. In fact the main currency used around this place is USD rather then the local Peso. Although Cancun is a tourist place the beach has bright blue waters and the sand is very clean and white. First night in Cancun was pretty quiet, just a trip to downtown for a traditional Mexican feed then an early night. Oh yeah forgot to add that we caught up with our lovely Canadian friend Stacey who will be spending the week in Mexico with us, so it was great to see her.

Second day Bec, Stacey and I went to visit the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, much like the Incas of South America, the Mayan people of Mexico roamed around the 800AD time. Many of the stone buildings/temples that we saw had been partly restored, however over the 12 mile space that the buildings were spread out they have kept many untouched, however most of them were covered in vegetation or had collapsed into mounds of rumble. After the visit to Chichen Itza we had the chance to stop by and take a swim in one of the underground watering holes. You could see the water from the top about 50m above, then you could make your way down via the stairs to go have a swim. The water was very refreshing and also it was great to look up and see the sun shining in with mini waterfalls coming down through the rocks up on the surface. That took up our day, so by night all 5 of us (Damo, Shari, Bec, Stacey and Me) decided to buy what they call a party hoppers ticket. It costs USD$45 and gets you into 4 of the best nightclubs here (Daddy O, Senor Frogs and Coco Bongo) plus at each spot you get an open bar for drinks. We missed out on the first two clubs and joined the rest of the party hoppers at Senor Frogs, this is the first nightclub that I have been to which has a water slide in it, and it actually ends in the Nichputche lagoon. After having a few at the Frog the party hoppers were moved onto the next club Coco Bongo, so about 250 people left the frog and arrived at the famous Coco Bongo. This would have to be one of the most liveliest clubs that I have been to, basically all night they have impersonators singing, dancing, acrobatics etc etc. A beyonce song would come on and there would be someone on stage looking exactly like her singing the whole song, while in the background on a 20m screen playing the filmclip, there were a whole range of acts from elvis, guns n roses, spiderman, the mask, Moulin rouge, it was just endless entertainment. We decided at 4am in the morning to call it stumps and head home.

On our 4th day in Cancun we jumped on a Boat to go snorkeling and also head over to the Isla Mujeres, plus once again endless supply of drinks. The snorkeling wasn't very long but we go a chance to see some colourful rainbow fish, and also a 1.3m barracuda which was pretty cool. Once we arrived over to the Isla Mujeres we had a chance to look around the local markets before heading to the other side for a buffet lunch. It was a good day but by the end of it we were happy to be back relaxing on the beach in front of our hotel. Tomorrow we head an hour south of cancun to stay 2 nights in Playa De Carmen.

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