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the only way to ride the ferry / with eis (ice cream)

Tawes my companion on the trip when I get lonely

Even the ducks enjoy the flowers

The earliest 2 coat of arms from Meersburg castle , note less...

Worn threshold; how many footsteps does it take?

an early backgammon game I saw no scrabble games Carole

Displayed armor the latest fashion I guess

Drinking stein from an elk's hoof

A poem from a book I found with artwork and poems by...

Jutta the hairdresser thinks this guy needs a new do

Feeding the goats

My turn!

The camels were very friendly!

You had to keep track of your feed bag with these guys

A lovely spring day with my friends in the park

Swinging and singing....

Today for my last day I found an internet in the tourist office and used for 1/2 hour. Then I went through the altes schloss in Meersburg. It is supposed to be the oldest castle in use in Germany dating from the 900's. Now it is surrounded by town. But it was full of weaponry, medieval stuff, dungeons...but not dragons. But you could almost imagine the knights in their armor clanging around. The stone thresholds were worn down to half sometimes. And there was a "hole of fear" were prisoners were lowered into to starve to death. Grim, gruesome and fun....fascinating.

Then I got a Fanta orange soda and wrote a postcard to my nieces. I decided to sit in the city square as I had about 20 minutes to wait for everyone. I hadn't sat down for 2 minutes and there drives by a mini ford - it was Jutta, all of a sudden I hear Deb, Deb. She pulls over and parks and is just starting to talk to me and then Andeas and Ilona pull up. Can you believe it / I've been in town 5 days and I have 2 cars of people pulling over to talk to me. I thought it was pretty funny. I must really stick out in the city. I was wearing a red shirt and there were not that many people.

Andreas wanted to take me to the Haustierhof Reutemühle / an animal sanctuary for feeding petting and viewing all kinds of duck, geese, sheep, horses, some cows, pigs, birds, etc. We bought bags of popcorn and seeds and had a riot! Laughed and smiled and enjoyed ourselves.

Then they offered the use of their office computer to work. I worked for about 1 1/2 hours. Andreas sang "West Virginia" John Denver, and some Hotel California. We than went to a nearby Italian restaurant they like. We were done eating but then a couple from HongKong came in (Andreas and Ilona) are learning English so they can make a business trip to Hong Kong. The couple spoke English so they joined us and we continued to sit and visit a few, taking pictures and exchanging emails at end.

Andreas and Ilona paid for my dinner, lunch, and entrance to animal park today, plus let me use their computer. No problem they said, money is nothing. And if I am ever here again I stay in their flat and they stay in their office in extra room. I've made new friends. I hope someday they come to Colorado. When we parted they said "We have learned so much from you and not just English" I also learned from them and not just German. Ciao!

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