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Herr and Frau Ente (duck) - they were quite talkative

view of Pfaubaudern - like an old sea farm, did not go...

in the distance - Birnau Bascilica

Birnau Bascilica

Inside church - from postcard could not take pictures

common sight in Germany - she was going down the hill with...

Interesting sundials on face of church

Another sundial - faced west

group of Volksmarchers I believe

Birnau and high speed train


Family style picnic table

beautiful hotel with wisteria

Very fun city fountain

My favorite character of the fountain

the guy at the top

bach rescue remedy for you and your hund

back home along the trail

Are you lost?

graffiti problem

now showing

map from Meersburg to Mainau, Konstanz and uberlingden

map to Friedrichshafen

back home to Meersburg - the alps finally became visible this evening

another view across to Switzerland

postcard of Zeppelin pointing to Mainau

the lovebirds - together for 10 years; have their own promotional item...

name of their business

Hallo! Today I relax a bit and not work so hard to solve problem.

After breakfast I hopped on bike and rode down the lake (Rhine flows to the Atlantic) so north to see Birnau Basilica. Fantastic Baroque church. About 7 Km. Loved it soft pastel colors and gold. You will see picture later. Still working on picture thing. Then rode onto to Uberlingen to have coffee on seaside. Walked around town abit, garden, sea promanande, found Internet cafe but no USB port but he told me where down the road back to Meersburg. Headed home and stopped at small village with cafe. Worked 1/2 hour. And onward to finish in Meersburg. Up the hill now becoming a mountain once more!! AND no service - server down! ACH SO! Now I know why there are guttural sounds in German language. GRRRRRR! OK now what to do? I also asked for laundromat but only in big cities. The man wanted to charge me by kilo to do laundry at what looked like dry cleaners. Four euros for cropped pants! Nein, Nein! I'll do on my own! So I did a batch in tub with soap I brought and hung up with the cord I brought. Perfect! as Andreas says alot. I met up with Andreas and Ilona for a very nice dinner of putenschnitzel - turkey and pasta with gorgonzola sauce. They bought my dinner. She also gave me a the bike map she had loaned me. They have been very good to me. To bed! Ciao!

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