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The Witch!

We are now in the Russian City of Yekantrinburg after our 26 hour train jounney. Travelling through the Russian couintryside is a very bleak place, there is no colour whatsoever just lots of black and grey. Lots of wooden house villages with no roads. Lots of snow still around and frozen lakes. We stopped at one place which apparently has a glass factory, so when we stopped all the loacls where trying to sell us glassware including chandliers, very bizarre. We celebrated me becoming a Mr with a few beers on the train, although doesn't feel any different. Yekantrinburg is the place where they killed the last of the Russian Family, the russian royalty and is famous as the place where they shot down Gary Powers in his U2 spy plane, of course it famous now for having me visit and they are probably erecting a plaque as we speak!! We get back on the train again tonight for 3 nights heading into Siberia, which should be interesting. We are then doing a home stay for 3 days near Lake Bakal, all looking forward to that. Apparently we won't have internet access for a while so won't be able to update the diary, sorry.

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