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La Compania De Jesus Church

Jeff Stands In Plaza San Francisco

The Baroque Carvings Inside The Monestery Of San Francisco Church, Quito's Largest...

Stained Glass Windows Inside The Church Of La Merced

Looking Toward La Virgen De Quito

Plaza De La Independencia, The Heart Of Quito's Old City, A UNESCO...

Another View Of La Virgen De Quito

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007. QUITO, ECUADOR. We have arrived in Quito, Ecuador, and are staying at the Magic Bean Restaurant, Coffe House, & Hostel ($30/double) in the Mariscal area (New Town) area of Quito. We have made arrangements to fly to the Galapagos on Wednesday. In the meantime, we plan to visit Quito's old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Two things initially struck me upon arrival in Ecuador. First, Ecuador paper currency is the US dollar. The coins, however, are a mix of US and Ecuadorian issue. The US$1 coins are in circulation here (Although they are available in the US, the US$1 coins are rarely used). Second, we appear to be back on the gringo trail, at least here in the Mariscal area of Quito. Compared to Colombia, the restaurants and bars are full of gringos. Perhaps this is why many travellers like Colombia for the relatively lack of gringos.

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