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Jutta at Konstanz marina

me and Impuria

Here at far right of photo we sunbath

High speed train over Rhine

The swans sunbathing beside us

Welcome to Mainau - I say home of mother nature


the temperature in the schmetterlinghaus - HOT

pupae of butterflies

My favorite butterfly with blue wings , it never stayed still and...

millions of naturalized bulbs

more formal plantings with structure

and fun whimisical things

beauty and walks with views

interesting gardening ideas

fun for children

wild animals and sculptures

things in full bloom

things ready to bloom - rhodies and wisteria

trains and

men taking pictures of women

colorful artwork

artwork - me strong Deb

places to rest

swan fountain reminds me of Ilona and Andreas

Hello! Up at 9:30; off to breakfast and then to catch the ferry to Konstanz, about 15 min across the Bodensee. Land in Staad a bit north of Zentrum (center of city); get abit lost and looking at map. Jutta stops and asks if she can help; she speaks a bit of English. Off we go to Konstanz stopping on the way for a cappacino. Jutta is 41 and mother of 2. She is a hairdresser from small village north of Meersburg along lake. I explain my dilemna of needing an adaptor for camera charger. We talk a bit more 1/2 English and 1/2 German; well maybe 3/4 English and 1/4 German. Smile! She said she will help. We bike into city center on lovely bike trail through the woods. The bike trails around the Bodensee go in and out of the woods, along the sea, along the road, in the neighborhoods, here and there, well signed with distances, towns and attractions. We stopped on the waterfront to take a picture of Imperia, really a prostitue I guess, but as Jutta said she has much sex appeal! I said "big bosum". We laughed.

Now down to the task of finding an adaptor. First we went to a Kaufhaus - supermarket; looked like a Kohl's inside. We found adaptors but they were really for German tourists going to America - I needed the other way around. I was disappointed and wasn't quite sure what to do. I didn't know if I was relaying importance to Jutta. She smiled and shrugged; on we walked. Then she spotted a camera store. The windows were full of cameras; nearly 100 so I was optimistic. Inside the clerks were friendly, spoke avg English and smiled at me alot. Silly American, heh? I made some jokes in English of course and they laughed. But they did have an international Sony lithium ion battery adaptor good in Europe or US. Best I could do. €40 so that means about $53! Oh well- the pics are worth it.

Extremely relieved so I offered to buy some flip-flops Jutta was looking at for her daughter. They were €1.99. She gave me back the cent for good luck! Smile. I think it has helped already. Dropped bike lock key on ground and noticed at last minute. Phew! We bought a coke, went to an area by the sea, took off our shirts, she had bikini, me a bra and soaked in the sun while the swans entertained us. Very warm - almost 85 F, beautiful lake weather. We talked a bit and then I rode on to Mainau, garden island owned by Swedish royalty.

Now I am riding my bike back the way I came and then on further to Island. All total for the day about 14 KM which is about 8-9 miles. All trail and bike path in woods and towns.

Mainau was beautiful and fun. Smiled alot I noticed. Was there 3 hours walking and did not see everything. I especially liked the butterfly house (schmetterlinghaus) even if hot and humid, almost 30C; large outdoor mini train area with 5 or 6 trains all running around, choo-chooing, little baverian homes and gondolas, naturalized bulbs - millions in bloom, and especially the art work. Cool black metal sculptures of voluptuous women and colorful artwork of women - reminded me of mother nature! You can tell that a woman (Swedish matriarch) is in charge of the garden design.

Walked back to bike and headed to ferry; good timing zoomed right onto ferry. Silly on way over in AM bought ticket at outside automaton; bought a familie ticket - the man on ship looked at me funny- if I spoke better German I,d tell him that my bike is my family. Smile. But he spoke English and wrote on ticket so the man in evening was not so confused. You can always buy tickets on ferry I learned. Nur keine Panik! Don't panic!

Tuesday evening I go back up to Cafe and work for 1 1-2 hours - this is when my camera battery dies so can not complete pictures. But I'm getting there. Have found that some hard drives take the camera card so don't have to use camera battery up. But now I have a battery and can charge.

Down the hill and have a große salad and pizza. Aw good and happy! to bed! Ciao

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