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Meersburg old city

some of the stairs - some - up to the top with...

the castle in Meersburg - dated from 900

view towards Konstanz across the lake - my hotel is the light...

zeppelin above fruit trees

bike trail towards Friederichshafen

signage along radweg - bike path

trees ready to leaf out along bike path

promenade in Friedrichshafen

model of a zeppelin

The size of the museum and the size of the partial model...

the model - you can go inside and see the eating area,...

Meersburg by ferry - hotel on waterfront behind the far right bigger...

view from my hotel room - lots of restaurants and guesthouses, a...

AW! bed

Andreas, Ilona, and Martina

Andreas, Ilona, me and Martina; Ilona's book is on table in foreground,...

And adding the waiter, Ernesti Martina's boyfriend

building in Munich - guess which one?

Friedrichshafen is sister city of Peoria

Hey! OK Sunday arrived beautiful and very warm - about 26 C - a good 80 deg F. Had breakfast as included in room. As some of you know, breakfast is usually a smorgasbord of cold cuts, cheeses, breads, yogurt, juices, tea or coffee. Had a pretzel one morning and loxs and yummy swiss cheese today, along with yogurt, muesli and marmalade. Hiked up the hill - it is quite a hill from seaside to where Internet cafe is; not open. Stopped at camera shop; could not accomodate my need - I would need to go to larger city. OK that done - needed to call Tommy. Have AT&T call card with minutes on it. So found one phone & didn't have German Direct Dial access # to AT&T but I did in car. Looked it up before I left. Found another phone and voila - success! HOwever my card which had 700+ minutes in US now had 16 minutes - which is about 1.20 a minute - normal for using US card in Europe - need to buy local Deutschcom card if I need. But you know I'm learning. Traveling abroad is definitely an accumulative experience.

Very, very glad I took some time to learn German. Numbers, days of week, questions, polite socialties etc, road signs, very helpful. I think it opens the door a bit also if you are trying to speak German but they can tell you have English accent. Some don't know and act like I've done to foreigners I absolutely do not understand. Shrug your shoulders, hands down-what can you do? But some have been great especially those who speak abit of English and want to practice. But a little German for what you want has stood me in good stead.

Bought a banana and apple for 0,60 E (Euros) and headed out on bike Ilona loaned me. Decided to bike to a tourist info booth. I thought there would actually be people in them but there were not! Just push button info places. So passed them by and at this point decided to ride fahrrad to Friedrichshafen to see the Zeppelin Museum. It was about 18 Km which is about 10 miles. Shady path most of way. There is a radweg (bike path) all the way around Bodensee (Lake Constanz) where I am at. Lake Constance is actually a widening of the Rhine. The bike path circumference is well over 250 Km which is over 150 miles.

The Zeppelin Museum was interesting - pictures of airships I include are only 70 meter. The Graf Hindenberg was over 245 meters - wow! After museum found the internet cafe that I left note yesterday. ONly had 1/2 hour as I decided to get the ship back. Have learned the germans call a ferry anything that takes cars and pedistrians and a ship just people and bikes of course.

Nice cool ride home with bright sunshine. Again walked up hill but Internet cafe in Meersburg not open - learned meaning of auch non Sonn. und Feiertag. OK then showered and met Ilona and Andreas at Valentinos again. Martina - girlfriend of waiter (don't know his name) came again. We talked for 3 hours again. I asked German questions and they asked English questions. They brought some small gifts for me; and on Wed are taking me to the Affenburg - kind of like a monkey and animal zoo.

Home to make plans for Monday; good rest. Lot of walking; climbing hills; bike riding. Oh on my bike ride today saw all kinds of people rollerblading, bicycling, elderly to infants, some walkers and canes. It was Sunday; many dressed up; leisurely strolling along sea. Saw campgrounds, climbing wall, bathing beaches, local swimming pool was open - like spa called bad. The region is known for its white wine - the hills are covered with fruit trees all flowering; and vineyards - almost every square inch!!

Costs today: found 1 € = .70 $

banana and apple €0,60, ferry with bike is €13,30; Zeppelin museum €7,00; coke on ferry €2,40; Internet cafe 1 hour €1,00; fish dinner with wine including tip €20,00

On Monday I need to solve adaptor problem - will be running out of camera battery soon!

Tschüs! Cheerio - bye-bye!

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