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We have two kangaroos we brought from Australia, but they have pouches with no Joeys. We are helping them find something to put in their pouches.

Could you think of a name for the two kangaroos? They are both girls.

One day, we climbed lots of steps to Montmatre, but there were only puppies, and people and lots of cobblestones, but there was nothing to put in a kangaroo's pouch.

Another day, we went to a place called Armentieres. We saw white stones, a big cross and trees with blossoms, but nothing to put in a kangaroo's pouch.

In the Tuilieries, children were having donkey rides and playing on the playground equipment. We had a look, but there was nothing to fit a pouch.

On the way back to the Hotel, we saw some Rugby 2007 scarves and a big frog, but he was too, too big.

After we left Paris, we went on the train to Bergerac. We saw lots of signs about Roxanne, but nothing to put in a kangaroo's pouch.

Then one sunny day, one little kangaroo was watching out of the window in a stone street in Monpazier. There were cars really close by.

There were little koala bears in the light fittings, but nothing to fit into a small kangaroo's pouch.

We drove to the land of the Cave Men and went into a cave and saw lots of bulls and stags and horses and bears.

We tried to fit Jack in his photo into the pouch but it was a bit too big.

At one place, there were some cliffs and lots of old tools but nothing to go into a pouch.

One Kangaroo gave up and stayed home on the bed.

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