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Tashie at the Pantheon

Anne at Jardin de Luxembourg

Drama Under the Bridge


Shoppers' Glory

Struggling to ignore jetlag, we are sticking to a plan to eat and sleep local time.

We have walked every day; being in the Latin Quarter the sights are close by. We have used the bus system to get to Printemps, the huge shop, and the train, both Metro and RER to Versailles. We have had meals at the local cafes.

I was interested in a drama on the Seine where the sapeurs-water police-were helping a lady deal with trouble under the bridge.

All going well. Lots to write up later. We didn't get to a Flunches, though we saw one in the main street outside the Lille station, later in the week.

Mostly, we seem to be eating Italian. At the nearby cafe, they referred to Tashie as Madonna-blond hair, blue eyes and perfectly groomed, she looked a treat. We went to La Dolce Vita one day, Thai another, then the Beaux Artes in St Germain de Pres. Mine host there had lived in Brisbane for two years, and has a cousin who has a French resturant in Darlinghurst in Sydney, the Sel et Poivre, the Salt and Pepper. We told him about Bondi Tucker, the resturant of my nephew in Sydney, and as we were leaving he checked out if we liked our meal by asking "Bonza tucker? Eh?"

Fired up with shopping fervour, another day, we took the metro to Printemps, but spied first C and A, where I flung clothes here and there, all my size. Afterwards, we went next door into Galleries Lafayette. Parisian women are very slim and the clothes are tiny in all the boutiques. Just the same, one evening, as we were strolling out to dine, a very suave silver haired man came up behind us, expertly cutting me out and whispering in a gravelly voice to Tash, "Love the walk."

The head office of Galleries is a beautiful building, with a pretty atrium around floors and floors of luxury goods and couture designs. We felt the furs, the cashmere garments, sized up the crocodile skin bags, checked out the shoes, went around and felt the cashmere again, then went downstairs and bought all the makeup we could carry. Tashie was excited when she was able to say, "I bought April in Paris in April in Paris! How cool is that?" It was an eye shadow palette.

Afterwards, we had lunch in a revolving sushi bar. It was labelled as a new restaurant and a new concept in dining at Galleries Lafayette. I was astounded when Tashie started up a conversation with the chef in her best Japanese. He was about fifty, alone and surrounded by all the paraphernalia of Japanese tepanyaki, working quickly and efficiently to keep the bowls full and varied. He was charming, and attentive towards her. He commented on our similarity, Tashie and I, our eyes, I think he meant. When we left he gave us a traditional bow.

One afternoon, we spent a few hours reading in the Tuilleries. The sun was shining and the gardens were full of flowers in bloom. I pulled out my newspaper from Dubai, The Gulf News, and perused an article about the French, which began to tie our travel experiences together.

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