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We had our 1st drinking session last night as a group, so slight hangover this morning. managed to avoid the Vodka so far. Think I am going to need to take Russ under my wing as he can't drink at all. We ventured into Moscow today only to find loads of police and army lining the streets, no word of a lie you have never seen so many, but we couldn't gather what was going on, we thought that someone important was visiting. We were without our tour leader so just carried on with our planned journey. It was only until we walked bang in the middle of the political protests and surrounded by police did we realise what was going on!! Suddenly I became tour leader and everyone asking me what we should do! Think they assunmed that I was from Leeds I knew what to do in the middle of riots! Fortunatley we missed all the trouble and managed to get away before it all kicked off. I tried to get in front of as many news cameras as I could on the way out though!! After that everything was pretty uneventful. The news link above shows some of the photos. We had a quieter aftrennon just strolling round the russian equivalant of convent garden. We get back on the train for our next leg tomorrow, but only for one night again. Can't remember the name of the next place but it will be on the itinerary.

ttfn Gary

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