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I have been here 3 days now and as yet I have not seen a fat Russian, that cabbage diet must really work!! NIce and sunny again today

Met up with tour leader and the rest of the group last night and we all went for a meal. The Tour Leader (Neil) is a Manchester United fan, so that wasn't a good start, although he does actually come from Manchester and hasn't jumped on any band wagons. He seems ok though and very enthusiatic. There are six of of us in the group, there is Ross who I am sharing with a 24 yr old accountant and Newcastle lad, he is very efeminite (not sure thats spelt right), he only had 1 beer last night then went on coffee!! There's Brian and Paul from Liverpool, twins who look like the proclaimers, hope they don't break into song. There's Margaret a 60ish Canadian and vegetarian! and Rachael 27 yr old form Liverpool as well who has just come back from Romania doing volunteer work with the Orphans. Quite a mix really. Apolgies for any bad spelling or grammar mistakes but I can't be done wasting my pound for 40 minutes doing corrections!!

We get on the train tonight only as far as Moscow though. Kremlin and the Red Square tomorrow. Apparently there's a blokes called Lenin who has a tomb there as well! Will try and keep in touch as best I can.

Gary x

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