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Cathedral of Spilt Blood in St Petersburg


Waiting at St Petersburg Station

Well I wanted Russia so I got Russia!! Where as yesterday was nice and sunny although a little on the chilly side, today its snowing and bloody cold. I even took a guided tour on a river boat to get out of the snow which wasn't much good as it was all in Russian. I wasn't the only one with the same idea though some irish girls did the same! The snow is not settling though so not that bad. I have taken refuge in an internet cafe to warm and get dry again. I have had contact from my tour leader and we have a meeting tonight, apparently we don't get on the train to Moscow till midnight tomorrow. I have to swap rooms tonight and share with one of the group, hope it's not some spotty faced student. The traffic here is mental and most of the roads through the city are at least 4 lanes, crossing them is a nightmare and westeners seem to be targets to aim your car at. I I have it sussed now I cross with the locals who seem to have some understanding how the system works. The snow seems to have eased off now so will venture out again.

bye for now


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