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The Chenencheau Chateau. I think the only one that crosses a river.

A beautiful little chapel inside. So the residents didn't have to leave.

This is the top floor hall of the part of the castle...

Next to the castle they have a little village. this is one...

This is the fire place in one of the bedrooms.

When the guy who owned the castle died his mistriss was left...

This is the hall, with the front door of the castle.

This is the same hall that crosses the river.

Servants dinning room.

part of the kitchen

Just a cute photo of Lindz. There are lots of gardens, a...

Waoi8ng down the stairs they have this little window with this metal...

One of the pathways through the woods.

This is a cute little house in the village on the castle...

This is a street through the acctual town of Chenencheau.

Today we took a train to Chanonceau to see their Chateau. It was so beautiful but we couldn't believe how cold it was. This particular chateau crosses an entrire river(I guess this is pretty unique). It has huge gardens,a little farm area, and supposedly it has a whinery or a wine tasting area. We never found it. And we looked. It was much more exciting than the Tours Chateau! We caught a train at noon and then toured for a couple of hours. We headed back to the little town for an early dinner and a drink to warm us up a bit but apparently they close that little town up tight at 5:30pm sharp and our train wasn't due until 6:30.It was between 4C and 10C all day long, but once it got dark the wind picked up a little and it got so cold! We ended up sitting down at the little train stop with three other americans talking about how we should collect wood and make a fire on the platform. Not only for warmth but to make sure they stop. The train finally showed but they looked a little suprised to see the five of us out there in the dark. hopefully I'll get some photos up in the next couple of days! I swear we have some good stuff too!

Talk to you guys in a couple of days!



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