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I finally made it to St Petersburg after finaly getting the right terminal at Heathrow. When I arrived at the Airport my instructions were to pick up an English map from the information kiosk which shows where my hotel was. The kiosk was shut for renovation so I had so set off blindly. I knew which metro staion to get off at, so that was a start. I met some Aussies at the Airport who were going to the same stop, we decided to tackle the metro together, which made us really popular in rush hour. 3 people carry big rucksacks, every time I turned round to apologise I hit someone else, bit off a comedy sketch. When I got off at my stop I used the classic English method of asking directions, shouting loudly and pointing. I got there somehow, though not before some Russian tried to kill me crossing a busy road. When I got there, there was no reservation for me as they had just changed computer systems. I was asked if I would sit in the bar until they sorted it, I resisted off course. They then forgot about me, it took me 2 hours to get a room. The hotel is massive but is stuck in a 70's time warp, it makes the Sgts Mess at Wittering look modern!! The view from it is marvellous though overlooking the river and city.

I have been exploring the City itself today, it is ia bit biazarre really (but everywhere outside of Yorkshire is bizarre). It is a mixture of the best parts from Prague and Venice but the worst parts of London with a lot of pollution thrown in, cars and cheap russian cigs. My feet are killing me after walking some miles today. I even went into a museum today, yes on my own accord, you see Yorkshiremen can be cultured. We had the most barking mad guide ever, but it was really interesting..........honest!! Saw my first Van Gough painting!! Hope your all well.


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