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How awful is that!

I can't tell whether Dave was pissed or just gormless.

Before Lucy the lightweight went home!

My sister pretending to be a dirty Arab.

Bring on the whisky buckets baby!

Before they turned into dribbling messes.

This is how Dave wanks......................

Breakfast the morning after.

Well I would like to say it was absolutely bloody amazing... but I missed it!!

Had a migrane for days before (no not just a headache!!) and was confined to the for dark walls of my hut for this time sobbing into my pillow!!

Did manage to drag myself to the party for an hour... as soon as I got there I rushed to the loo and projectile vomited every where and hadnt even had a drink!! The thing is there was no loo roll and I had puke running out of my nose!! So once again I had to route through my hand bag, this time resorting to a bandanah to 'clean myself up'!!

I was woken by the rable coming home about 7am in an unacceptable state with stories that can only be best summarised in a common girls holiday statement... 'what goes on tour stays on tour'. Was gutted to have missed it as I like to think of myself as 'the life and sole'... ha ha sorry private joke.

Lu xx

Right, got glammed up, or as near as in thailand - creased dresses and scraped back hair and headed to Had Rin for the carnage. Had a few chilled fruit juices on the beach and had a boogie and........yeah right and the rest!! The biggest beach ever was rammed like i've never seen with a whole selection of travellers, foreigners, p*ss heads etc, the etiquette is to order a 'bucket'-thank thailan for such an invention. Each bucket contains one bottle of vodka or whisky. After atleast one each just to get the engines going we settled in, chilled on the beach chatting to randoms until Kate and Lou couldn't resist the magnetism of the sea, I must say the public toilet facilities were unacceptable and I too enjoyed that warming feeling that only the sea gives u!!

I met a delightful chap from New Orleans who was off his face on E and was a dealer by trade back in the USA - conversation was thrilling, the best bit was when he told us his arthritic mother was with him but as she had taken an E already she couldn't make it down the beach to have it large with her delightful son. Must add that he had hair down to his bum and tattoos everywhere topped of with steel toe capped boots, had to resort to serious measures to lose the guy!

Basically the whole strip of bars along the front are competing with the loudest of music and a few thousand drunk and stoned nutters have it large til the sun comes up. My last vodka and coke at 6.30am was enough and I called it quits! We wondered home in classic girls holiday style dripping wet in all our clothes.

Had no sleep that day and had the worst hangover ever, all worth it though, gutted little Lu felt rubbish but believe me we have made up for it since!

The sun bathing is taking a hammering with all these late nights an partying must sort it out!


Anna xx

In the knowledge that we weren't going to see anymore unacceptable, ugly, old whore bags do dodgy things with their manky kebabs, we left Bangkok slightly disheartened and despite the mission of having to take a plane, a boat AND a bus from Bangkok to get to Ko Pha Ngan, it was all worth it by the time the Full Moon Party was upon us.

Lucy being the genius that she is, had pre-booked a couple of huts for us to stay in, so having walked about 200 miles down the beach in the middle of the night, dodging suspicious creatures in the darkness, it was quite nice to be able to collapse in a sweaty, pathetic heap on our beds. Obviously we only did this after dinner. The four of us, all sweaty, stinking of BO and looking generally like a bunch of manky, old dogs, sat in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by gorgeous, tanned beautiful people, stuffing food into gobs. My only regret at the end of the night however, was that I didn't bring any earplugs to block out the moaning I'd had to endure from Lucy all day about her newly discovered hunchback.

Since their arrival in Bangkok, Lucy and I have had to wear sunglasses to look at Louarne and Anna because of the shear blinding white shade of their skin, so the next couple of days were spent trying to get them to an acceptable level of colour. The pool was a lot cleaner this time, their wasn't any algae floating around, I could actually see my body beneath the surface and I didn't feel like I was contracting AIDS every time I swallowed a bit of water, so our days in Ko Pha Ngan were very pleasant. I have to admit though sunbathing next to Louarne and Anna has completely ruined the last shreds of self esteem I had - I look like Jabba The Hut next to those skinny little bastards!

The day of the Full Moon Party came. We were all quite excited because it is the biggest beach party in the world and more to the point, a perfect opportunity for us (usually respectable, civilised young ladies) to behave appallingly. Which we did.

Having had two small bottles of beer before going to the party however, I'm afraid I was ruined fairly early on. Apparently I was swimming in the sea with my clothes on, talking to random freaks and generally falling over quite a bit. I don't remember a hell of a lot, but I'm sure I was in a state to be proud of. I have a very scary photo of me hugging a mexican man while wearing some of those ridiculous neon glasses - I have no recollection of this bloke, but I'm 98% sure nothing happened with him, I do have a phobia of ethnic minorities after all and I can't for a minute believe that my standards would slip that much! Mind you, I am a believer that putting out gets you love.

I was actually really gutted because Lucy went home ill fairly early on (hunchback problems I presume), we have become very close lately, so being on my own with Louarne, who was dancing around acting like a circus freak, and Anna and Dave who I lost almost immedietly, was a bit scary for me. Don't get me wrong, I had a fucking riot without her, but...................

After a couple of sips from the odd whisky/rohypnol bucket here and there, I was wankered so I decided to go home and leave everyone to it. As I started walking to the taxi rank, I saw this random bloke who was staying in the same place as us on his way home too, so I grabbed him and asked him to take me home. On reflection this may have looked a little like I wanted cock though. Either way, I got home safe and sound and although I didn't end up going to bed until the following night, I managed to sail through my hang over by eating lard all the next day. I presume I watched the sun rise and I presume it was beautiful.

Ko Tao is to be our next destination for a couple of days of rest and recouperation to get over the alcohol poisoning that we are currently all suffering from, so speak to you then.

Katy x

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