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The most Northern Point of New Zealand

Behind us(just a "few miles") is Syria

90 mile beach at the Cape Reina

Bay of Islands

Behind is Chilie.....(you cant quite see)

cheeky man

Before the death-activity

The sad,injured creature



Cecil the seagull

We travelled up to the most North point of New Zealand today which was a disguisting early start at 6.45am but worth it when we were standing at the tip of the island with Australia to our left (east), Syria straight ahead (north) and South America to our right (west). We were at the point on the island which is most sacred to the tradional culture of the Maori's.

Cape Reigna (this is our compromise for spelling) is the point in new Zealand which is most spiritually important to the Maori's as they had such strong beliefs in the after-life and process of death. They believed that when a person died their soul would remain in the body for 3 days, a time which friends and family could say their goodbyes and special words. After these 3days the soul left the body and visited the place which was most important and special to them during their life in the body whether it be a mountain or beach for example. the soul then made its way up to the Cape where it would rejoin with the saviour.

It was amazing to be part of this culture as we stood at the lighthouse and saw only sea around us for miles and miles.

We then went sandboarding which was not so brilliant for Hol but fantastic for Ed! As you can see from the after-photo of the state of Hol, she's a little bit worse for wear! In Ed's words Hol "flew in the air, landed on her neck, with legs in the air, then somehow flew throught the air and performed the same move 6 times", shooting down the slope on her head Hol went for a good 20metres! OUCH!!! haha

Ah well New Zealand is done now, we plan on returning to Auckland tommorrow and then the next country which has to deal with the terrible twosome is Hong Kong in a couple of days.

You will all hear more soon!

Love Ed & Hol xxx

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