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And Big Mo continues to roll! The couple on ADAGIO, Rick and Eliena, who are managing the mooring field at Cambridge organized an excursion today over to Compass Cay Marina and resort. Tucker, the owner of Compass Cay, agrees to send over his 38-foot, 250 hp sport boat to pick up 20 of us if we agree to buy lunch at his dock café.

Compass Cay is privately-owned and frankly, the nicest, complete facility that we have seen in the Exuma Chain. Everything is beautiful and the marina, while extremely tight to get into, is a very secure protected hurricane hole. The cruisers on the excursion can not wait to take advantage of the $9 hamburgers and $3 ice cold beers that are served right at the dock. There are NO vegetarians on these boats. We are all looking for recently dead beef.

The dock also has a particularly mesmerizing feature for the kids. Turns out there are up to 15 almost-pet sharks that roam around in this marina as they are fed off of the dock immediately below the café. The sharks have already been fed today, much to the kids chagrin, but that means they are absolutely docile and the kids are given the green light to actually swim with these beasts of the deep.

As Daniel's new found friend, Wes the-shark-expert, told us a few days ago, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of when in the water with Nurse sharks. Of course, Daniel is the first in and entertains the entire group with his bravado and diving skills. Not much time elapses and Dayla joins her brother and gets to touch a few sharks. Let's just say that this event was nothing short of exhilarating for the entire crew. And no, Dad did not join in on the fun.

After lunch we ventured over to the Exuma Sound side of the cay where walked, played and swam in the most beautiful beach that we have had the pleasure of visiting this trip. While extremely close to the Exuma Park, Compass is not in the park so it is not a No-Take zone. If anyone reading this log is ever interested in a beautiful Bahamas experience that is a little isolated you should consider visiting their web site for more information. If, for some reason, MILANO MYST does not make it back to the Exumas then this would be a preferred and totally acceptable alternative for us. Just stunning!

As we motor back to the mooring field the smiles are wide and constant. What a fabulous excursion for us all and heartfelt thanks to ADAGIO for going well beyond the basics for this crew.

In all fairness, I have to add the following remarks as it is the last Saturday night of the hockey season and our beloved- Habs are playing the much hated Make-Believes of Toronto in the last game of the season to decide if either goes into the playoffs.( We have XM radio so we can follow we can follow the Habs and Carole's Cardinals) Both teams have been absolutely atrocious for 15-20 game strings this year and cheering for either is like navigating in the middle of the desert to the mirage of water on the horizon. The desperate thirst makes it all seem so important and real until you put your lips to the challis. The only drink for the fans of these two teams will be sand and champagne is the mirage.

That having been said beating up the little brothers from Toronto has been a life-time sport, makes for good Saturday night entertainment and wonderful Monday morning gloating by pony express, telegraph, telephone and in recent years, email. Well, you all know the story by now as both teams throw out any semblance of quality playoff hockey and each gave up an unheard of 2-goal lead. Sadly, Montreal gave up the last 2-goal lead, lost and was eliminated by Toronto in what I am sure will ignite a flurry of taunting late night emails and a ticker tape parade in Toronto.

Oh, and as an aside, all was not lost, as Toronto was eliminated the next day when the Islanders beat the Devils in a shoot out. Maybe, just maybe the emails and parade celebrating the certain Stanley Cup in Toronto were not already too far along in planning and execution.

Just another day in paradise.

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