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Creepy Kori....she temporarily thought she was a rabbit..???

Beauty...Fraser Island

Awwweee...little baby I was trying to kidnap....i mean the drumming circle

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Endless sand...the walk to Lake Wabby

Jady & Jackson

Jeremy, Jady, Korie, Daniel, Me @ Wet N Wild waterpark

View from our chairs at Seaview Resort in Airlie Beach...we just went...

Another view from resort

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I hope you are all having a great time celebrating and eating yummy food and chocolate, and well....going to church and all that stuff we are "supposed" to do for Easter. It's not even about the bunnies and chocolate....but at least you have some of it. Sniff sniff. Well actually....I sneakily went out last night and bought Kori and I a few bags of chocolate and randomly hid them around the apartment for her to find this I guess I DO have chocolate. But no bunnies yet. Although....hmm....sorry Kori...I think I MAY have a creepy picture of you that you look like a rabbit in.....oh wait I DO FOR it looks like in celebration of this festive holiday I am going to have to post it on my website. OOPS!!!

Well so far our day has consisted of a lot of random walking around....pretty much the same as every day...but less shops are open obviously. There aren't as many creepy people out today....maybe they took a day off for Easter. Although we DID take a wrong turn and end up on the gay side of town, and realized after about 2 seconds that someone had told us that if you go right instead of left "that's where all the gays are". Haha oh well. And THAN we walked into a book store (the 5th one of the day) and after about 1 second realized it was a gay & lesbian we ran away pretty obviously. Funny stuff. It's normal around where we are though, as you've probably figured out from my emails and stuff...lots of crazies everywhere! Or ARE they? Maybe we are the crazy ones and they are just normal? Just like we talked about in A Course in the schizophrenics see us as crazy because we are afraid to show all of our personalities, and they are brave enough to be who they are. Hmm....something to think about.

Anyway, I'm getting hungry so I'm going to go back to the apartment for some lunch, so I will write some more later. I hope you like all the random pics I posted...I started with creepy Kori and then I decided why not put more up since this computer is really fast compared to what we're used to? Sorry if I've posted the same pic twice anywhere, it's hard to remember which beautiful ones I've put up already.

I will talk to you all soon!!!!


Loves ya,


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