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Rottnest and no sea-sickness - qualified pirate at last!

Dont be fooled - one lethal stare and you turn to stone!...

Who's been eating MY porridge!?

Id say, given the amount of wrecks around the place, that this...

Right, so now we're in Perth. Had a bit of a weird moment in Singapore when the lady at the desk announces that I have no visa for entry into Oz and assures me the Oz embassy has no record of it. Soo, I have to buy one for $50. Got trusty Mummy to ring STA back home who have a confirmation of visa received from the Oz embassy! So, ripped off before we even get here!

Anyway, arrived at 2am into the hostel and crashed. Up at 8am for trip to Rottnest Island, old aboriginal prison island subsequently turned into a place of tourism/nature reserve. Main attraction with regards wildlife is the Quokka, a marsupial thats about 5 times the size of a rat and a lot cuter, and moves around on its two big back legs like a little wallaby i.e it Hops. You're told that under no circumstances should you stroke them or anything to protect their health etc but the one on the left, in the photo of three, must have thought I was 'Mum' because he just wouldn't leave ME alone! Try not touching something that hops at you! Saw a King Skink which was WAY too quick for 'Quick Draw Williams' to get the camera out!! Had a coach tour round the island and saw a couple of Osprey nests (Masses of sticks all piled up in a conical shape in the rocks) and a few Ospreys. Turns out the island is also a major hazard for ships as its totally surrounded by a submersed network of reefs and has fallen foul to many ships and yachts even recently. There is a lighthouse but I just think its there to have its photo taken rather than help steer ships away! Went on a boat trip in a partially submerged glass bottom boat and saw a big wreck from years ago all covered in seaweed and fish. Apparantly it was transporting amongst other things 15 horses which all swam to shore and no lives were lost either, just a massive headache for insurance companies!

We've now re-located a few km north into the centre of Perth and have a trip planned for tomorrow up to an area known as the 'Pinnacles'. Its famous for its vertical outcrops of rocks of up to 9 meteres in height. Then off to cuddle Koala's and kangaroo's!

Again, we're going to bring our flights forward by a couple of days and head to Eastern side of Oz a little sooner to ensure we're there in good time for Xmas and New Year etc.

I'll upload some pics of the quokka's as soon as I find an internet cafe with Cd Drives!! >:0(

See ya!


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