Mexico Bound - Winter 2007 travel blog

worth coming home for

With an eye on the thermometer we headed toward home. The high winds added to our discomfort and subtracted greatly from our gas mileage. They ripped off the casing of the cover we pull over the bed of the truck when we are not hitched up. One more thing to fix. Why is it that when we head south the wind comes from the south and when we head home, vice versa is the case? Surprisingly, as we got closer to home the temperature went up a bit, but there were still ice cicles hanging from our sewer connection when we pulled into the drive way. Ken was able to drain all the water from the holding tanks before they froze and replace the water with antifreeze.

A regular theme in this blog has been the disorientation we feel when we experience summer weather in February in Mexico or suddently switched from spring to fall when we flew to South Africa. When you are retired, days are pretty much the same. All the markers and cues you have in your working life fall by the way side and it is the weekend seven days of the week. This recent cold snap has got me thinking about putting up the Christmas lights and decorating the tree.

The grass is green and a few leaves are trying to make a feeble attempt at unfurling, but spring has not arrived here. We might get a chance to see the daffodils and tulips bloom in our yard this year. Everything in the house looks fine and in another day or two it will feel like we never left, especially once Cinnamon, our 17 year old cat, is with us again. Can't wait to hear that purr...

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