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Hey Everyone,

So Kori and I have been looking for jobs all day yesterday and today...and by all day I mean not really all day. Haha. We usually come to the internet cafe first and check emails, websites, etc. and then we apply online for quite a few jobs. Lots of places would prefer that you email your resume, which is fine with me cuz I HATE handing out resume's. Then we wander around aimlessly not really knowing where we're going and hand out resume's to places with help wanted signs in their windows. Then we come back here and check emails again. Yep, that's been my last 2 days. Oh and then we go home and eat chocolate and watch movies. Very productive. I don't know how we afford the chocolate, but somehow we do and we make it a priority because it's Easter and we have no family except for eachother. SNIFF SNIFF BOO HOO!!! Haha does anyone feel our pain yet?! JUST KIDDING I'M IN AUSTRALIA!!! There is nothing to be sad about! Oh except for that we're poor! haha kidding again. We still manage to find the best in every situation and have a good time no matter what.

We've both had a few companies call us back or email to ask questions, but nothing solid yet. Kori has an interview on Monday at this place called Wicked travel, so everyone cross their fingers that it goes well for her. And me...well I DO have experience in I could always use that as a back-up plan. PSH YAH RIGHT! There will be none of that!

I don't really have anything else exciting to write today, except for that we're right in the middle of the red light district, so there are some very interesting/creepy people wandering around. Or just standing around. On a corner. Waiting. HAHA oh god.

Can someone or everyone please wish Kaitlyn a Happy Birthday for me, I know it was yesterday for you guys, and I meant to call but by time we left the house it would've been to late to call home. If I don't call Canada by around noon Oz time, it's usually too late to call anyone civilized. Except for mom and dad, I think they are always awake.

Well HAPPY EASTER everyone!!! I hope you have a great time, even though I won't be there, I know it will be hard but just TRY and enjoy yourselves and the good food! haha yeah right, if only I had that much of an impact on your holiday enjoyment factor!

Alright, well I'm going to walk home amoungst the creepies, and go chill out in the apartment with Kori. I'll take pics of the place so you can see where we've been living. It's James' step-bro's apartment, he's letting us stay there while he's away for 2 weeks, so that's awesome.

Talk to you soon, take care!

Loves ya,


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