Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

zurich form the university

inside the student hall

students chillin

university building

university grounds

zurich at night

Slept in since I had no plans for the day. Finally got up and hiked up to the university. Was able to go inside and walk around. Really nice place inside. I could go to school there! But then i thought about going to school and felt the need to leave haha. Bought some lunch and went back to the hostel. Hung out in the common room and met an aussie guy and a canadian guy from Regina. We all just hung out swapping travel stories. Met a couple american guys who were on a break from studying in Dublin so I had a good chat with them about Ireland. Regina guy and I went out that night and had a beer in an irish bar. But drinks are expensive there. I had a strongbow which cost me 8 swiss francs. Thats like $7.60 canadian. Not cool.

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