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Ken riding through Live Oaks

blue bonnets

blue bonnet field








On our last day of sandals and shorts, we hopped on our bikes and explored our campground more thoroughly. We are in the beach front section where a brisk breeze keeps the mosquitoes at bay, but Goose Island SP also has a wooded section, live oaks specifically. There were few folks camped there since the bugs were fierce whenever we stopped riding. But the wild flowers were blooming so dramatically, I just had to keep jumping off my bike to take a few shots.

Every First Lady is supposed to have a cause and in the late '60's, Lady Bird Johnson was big on beautifying America by planting wild flowers. I was too busy hating the Viet Nam War and her husband who couldn't find a way out, to pay much attention at the time, but her mission clearly had a lasting effect in her home state. All the flower photos I took today came from byways in the park and alongside the roads leading to it. They appeared to be growing wildly, wherever and whenever a seed hit the ground.

We are really not looking forward to starting for home tomorrow. We considered doing so last week, but violent thunder storms marched across the nation from Texas to the Great Lakes and we really need a break from driving. Now we face a cold front with temperatures much lower than they were in January when we left. We are concerned about the water lines freezing and Ken will have to winterize our rig once again. We will have to remove every item that contains liquid from hair shampoo to toilet chemicals so that they won't freeze and burst. And all this work will have to be undone again when we take our next trip in a month or so. However, duty and responsibility call and we're off for a last dose of winter. Maybe next year we should plan to wait until we can count on it being spring at home. June maybe?

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